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Get an Early Start on a Hi-lites Video


After week three, I am starting to get some HUDL Hi-lites video from Ohio high school football players. This is good for both the recruit and me. Starting early, I get to see a player early and offer suggestions about making his HUDL video.

Later in the season I will provide a more in depth blog of how I feel a HUDL Hi-lites video should be set up. For now’ let’s get started with the early process.

One of the biggest mistakes that I see is identifying the player. Identify the player BEFORE the play starts. Coaches need to get focused on what he does from the beginning of the play. Identifying half way through the play gets confusing. Coaches need to know where he is from the beginning. If you want to mark him again later in the play- good. But start from the beginning. Redundant – but important.

Second – no cheap shots! In fact most cheap shots are illegal this fall. Blindsiding a defender really shows nothing. Certainly, no toughness is shown.

Try to limit the number of plays that you consider hi-lite plays. By the end of your season you need 30 really good plays for your HUDL Hi-lites video. Of course, most players have more. Some have tons more. I promise you that a college coach will not look at all of your hi-lites, if you have many more than 30.

Editing video early is tough, because you do not know how many plays to save. I get that. But try to be selective.

Be sure to include your name, school, position, and year on the video. No stats page. Communication possibly- cell phone (text yes or no) and email address. These are additional. Get to the chase. Personal information and communication numbers.

As you work with your HUDL Hi-lites videos, keep in mind your best games. A little premature, maybe, because of just three games, but keep tract of your best games. At season’s end, college coaches will want to see full game tapes. Colleges can get access to your full game tapes, but you having them available just in case, is huge.

Video is huge for college coaches. Even though they may watch you in person during evaluations, having video is important.

In a few weeks I will put out a blog with more specific information available. Start making your video today.

Some things to think about

  1. QB – best pass plays and mix in some running plays. Plays that show you reading the coverage and finding the 2 and 3 receivers. Show some escapability. Get some throws that show velocity. Find a  17 yard out to far side. If a pass is well thrown, but dropped, put it on your hi-lite.
  2. RB – Get north/south. Breaking tackles. Initial quickness. Catching the ball. Blocking. Any play that shows a burst – which is sometimes hard.
  3. OL – Stay off ground. Show bending ability. Plays that go to the whistle. Pass protection – only ones that you do not get beat on an outside rush.. Maintaining a block.
  4. TE – Catching the ball over the middle. Blocking. Running a route in space. Running after a catch.
  5. WR – Show speed. Ability to run crisp routes. Any play with burst. Show your willingness to block.
  6. DL – Show pad under pad  plays. Show pursuit. Try to find plays where you use your hands to disengage. Show physicality. Show quickness.
  7. LB – Ability to find the football. Running to the ball. Changing direction. Finishing a tackle. Run thru ball carrier.
  8. DE – Initial quickness off the ball. Speed to the QB. Ability to change direction. Toughness on run support. Stay on your feet.
  9. Inside DB’s. – Run support on inside plays. Finding the football. Hips to turn and run. Ability to cover ground. Show your range. Toughness. Getting thru traffic.
  10. Corners – Physicality on run support. Recovery speed. Burst. Can you flip your hips? Over all effort.

The very best to you in your effort. If you get in a real bind, drop me an email.

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