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Spent Some Time At D1 Sports Training Center


I spent some time at the D1 Sports Training Center just north of Worthington yesterday. D1 offers individual training for men and women of all ages. Many high school girls were getting extra training.

Charles Gresham carries the title of Head Strength, Speed, and Performance Director. His knowledge and attention to detail are huge for him. Best strengths are ability communicate his knowledge to the athlete and to push an athlete to do his/her best.

More and more I am a believer that if an athlete wants the addition training, he/she should go for it. Athletes should first work with their teammates at their high school. They should train under their high school coaches. This is huge to me. If extra training is available, they should, at least, check it out.

Probably not possible, but ideally, high school coaches and performance trainers working together would be the best case scenario.

I am not as familiar with other sports training programs throughout Ohio. Been to one in southern Ohio. Been to one in the Cleveland area.

Some that I see are just working with football players. These are more for doing drills. Really I consider these an “open gym,” type atmosphere. Don’t know how much learning is taking place. Plus they are charging a fee. Don’t how much an athlete’s strength and speed performance gets better.

There is a training program in northwest Ohio that is more for running drills and playing catch. Not in the same league as the program at D1.

My other tie-in with Chuck is that he ran my camps/combines. I have complete confidence in his knowledge and ability to coach kids to make them better.

Also had the chance to visit with two of Westerville Central’s potential college prospects in the Ohio Class of 2020. Both are getting better and better.

Rickey Hyatt

Rickey Hyatt is the starting free safety. Guessin 6’1-190, Fast, fast, and fast. Like his toughness and his work ethic. Good burst. Told me that he wants to have the ball in his hands. That he wants to be a running back.

I told him that he can run the ball in high school, but that he has a DB’s body. He may actually grow into an OLB. Just scratching the surface. Kind of “under the radar.” With a good track season, he will be known this spring.

The other Westerville Central player is Miles Williamson. Growing and getting bigger/stronger/faster. Really like his initial quickness. Also fast. Plays corner and some receiver. Not so sure that he is not a slot receiver. As he continues to grow, his chances as a corner, will get better.

Michigan commitment Joey Velazquez from Columbus DeSales was training. A football recruit, Joey is also one of the top baseball players in Ohio. After the workout, he was going to take some batting practice in the cage.

Also must mention Rodas Johnson from Columbus DeSales. He went through the early stages of being recruited and

Rodas Johnson

reacted like many – hard to stay grounded. Talked with him some last night. Totally different  attitude. Coming back from a football injury, he did not work out hard, but he was doing little drills. Really seems to have bought in. Rodas will be playing on the D-line at Wisconsin this fall. Of course, I think that he is center.

I would guess that the extra time spent doing extra work is not for everybody. Takes a lot of physical and mental toughness. Takes extra free time. Takes a little extra money. But, in the end, being better at a sport, and possibly earning a scholarship, may well be worth the “extra.”


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