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Glenville’s Torrance Davis – A Top RB/LB in 2020 Class


RB Torrance Davis from Glenville High School  has improved in attitude and in ability as much as any prospect that I work with going into his senior year.  At least in the times that I have talked with him and watched him run the football, he shows alot.

A the beginning of his freshman year, I watched him in a scrimmage at University School. At the time, he seemed to have an attitude. Plus he did not run hard or run with a purpose. But he had natural size – 6’2-205. But I could see it, but he not bought in just yet.

Last year I saw him play against Olentangy Liberty. Actually spoke to him before the game. In three minutes, I could see the “new” Torrance Davis. Good attitude. Focused. Played hard. Even played some linebacker.

Now at 6’2-220, he may be the strongest, most powerful, between the tackles RB in the Ohio Class of 2020. A downhill runner, with just a little “shake.” Impressed with his initial quickness. Always running north/south. Does not have the 5th gear, and may not get it. What he does have is power, balance, and physicality.

If he could improve his agility and redirection, I could see him playing the inside linebacker position. When college coaches ask about LB, the overall athleticism is of some concern. The toughness definitely is not.

Torrance is straight ahead speed is his strength. He believes that he needs to improve his vision to see the whole field. Also would not object to playing an Inside Linebacker position. For now, he is a physical RB.

Torrance gets annoyed when teammates are not giving their best effort. He gives effort in the classroom. Carries a 3.5 GPA. Needs just a little work on test score. Getting some tutoring, but he will be fine.

He feels that recruits should not get to big of a head when being recruited. Try to see what coaches are seriously interested in recruiting you and which ones are just going thru the motions. He believes that a recruit can tell.

Torrance has a chance to be a top RB recruit. Kentucky, Pitt, Kansas, and UC have shown a lot of interest. He has over 20 offers.

I have been really impressed with his maturity. Seems more focused. Watching him play last fall, he is physical and has soft hands. Athletic, but he needs to work on flexibility.

One of MSR’s top backs in the Ohio 2020 Class. (Do not rule out LB, as well)


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