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Connor Ashby – True 3 Sport QB in 2021 Class


QB Connor Ashby rose to the occasion last Friday night at Green High School. He threw for 226 yards on 15/21 completions. Scored 5 touchdowns, with 1 being a naked boot.

I met him last spring at one of his baseball games. Plays shortstop and does some pitching. In the winter, he plays varsity basketball. A very good athlete. He was a better quarterback than I was expecting last Friday.

He told me that he wants to be “the best version of me, everyday.” Impressive. His dad has always been there giving him coaching points in all sports. Dad is now the head baseball coach at Hoover. He also gives him little nuggets about life in general.

Connor can scramble and avoid the rush well. Always has his eyes downfield. Knows the passing schemes. Is able to find the open receiver. Best of all he is accurate and can throw the “touch pass.” Solid arm strength and when he gets his feet set – he can spin-it.

He believes his strength is his overall speed. I like his overall speed, but he must get stronger and improve his burst. We talked about the importance of core muscles for a quarterback. Listed 6’1-180, he needs to improve his overall strength. Playing three varsity sports, makes the strength program a side issue, but getting bigger/stronger/faster is huge for Connor.

After college and after playing sports, he would like to get into business. His dad is in business. Told me that he is taking a sign language class at Hoover, but chemistry is one of his core class favorite’s.

Spoken as a true leader in 3 sports, Connor gets annoyed when his teammates are “messin” around during practice(any sport). His advice to a freshman – pay attention to coaches and never be afraid to step up. Be the “next man up.”

The best thing about high school football is that with so many players, a brotherhood is formed. Total team with each player having each other’s back. He likes the closeness of the team. Worst thing about football – Saturday mornings.

Connor has three offers. Bowling Green, Toledo, and Central Michigan. Former QB Austin Appleby is a GA at Central and knows Connor. Austin was always one of my favorites and always used all of his abilities. Good role model for him.

Role models –  his two favorite players are Baker Mayfield and Kyler Murray. Both QB’s. Both not blessed with height. Both leaders. Both talented. Makes sense for Connor  to follow these two.

Really enjoyed watching him in action last Friday. As I told him last night, improved overall strength and core strength will be huge for him.

Although I have not ranked the quarterbacks in the Ohio 2021 Class, Connor Ashby is in the top five.



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