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Football Recruiting in January


FBS college coaches are now in the “Dead” period with regards to recruiting football prospects. The “contact” period will begin January 12 and go through January 28.

During the “dead period” coaches are not allowed to make in-person recruiting contacts or evaluations on or off campus or to permit official or unofficial visits by recruits or to make phone calls to recruits.  This period ends Wednesday, January 11, 2017.

During the “contact” period, it is permissible for authorized football staff members to make in-person and off-campus recruiting contacts and evaluations. College coaches are allowed to visit recruits off campus (at their high school or home). Coaches can make only one visit per week to individual recruits and are permitted to make one phone call per week to a recruit during this period.

During the contact period coaches can only have contact with seniors, or members of the Class of 2017. Underclassmen are off base. But if you are a 2018 recruit, trust me, you will be given a serious – “once over,” if a college coach visits your school. Maybe a “hello” and a camp invite.

January is, or can be – a stressful month for recruits. Some are making a decision on which OFFER. Some have no OFFERS. Some are making a decision on whether or not to “flip” to another OFFER.

Signing date is Wednesday, February 1. There is a “quiet” period on January 29.

Another “dead” period begins January 30 and runs through February 2.

FYI – McCallister has had his own “dead period.” His is over January 2. Time to get on the road evaluating underclassmen. Either watch them play another sport. Or visit the school to meet them. Or stop at the school and talk with the high school football coach.


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