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Blauser, Hummel – MSR Guys – 2019


Enjoyed watching Hilliard Bradley football last night. They are definitely on a roll and playing well.

First it was good seeing senior Kory Taylor lining up at wide receiver. Have always liked him, not only is he 6’5 and can run, but he is also tough. Catches the ball away from his body. Willing to block, and again, is tough. Suffered a severe foot injury last year, but came back strong this season. Tough.

Two years ago, while watching a Bradley varsity practice, I walked down and watched Cannon Blauser and Zach Hummel practice. Both were freshmen, but I remembered seeing them. Now as juniors, both are playing well. And both should be highly recruited this winter.

Cannon Blauser - LB Hilliard Bradley - 2019
Cannon Blauser – LB
Hilliard Bradley – 2019

Cannon(2019) came to my Underclassman Showcase and has gotten better and better. Listed 6’3-210 and runs well. Gets through traffic to make plays. Good initial burst. Finishes tackles. Runs well downhill. Reads and reacts to ball well. Drops into coverage. Finds the football.

Cannon, like many young LB’s needs to improve hips in changing directions. Needs to play more under control at times. Will need to continue get bigger. Should be no problem, because he is a workout warrior.

I see a lot of linebackers who look the part and can run, but will not hit. Some have even gone to O-State. Contact is not problem for Cannon. Very aggressive and physical. An MSR top LB in 2019 Class who play MIKE or WILL.

Watched Zach Hummel(2019) play basketball last winter. One of the better varsity players as a sophomore. Aggressive and ran the court. Guessin 6’3-235. Maybe a little taller. Zach uses those qualities in football.

Zach Hummel - TE/DL Hilliard Bradley - 2019
Zach Hummel – TE/DL
Hilliard Bradley – 2019

Zach lines up at different positions, but always plays hard. Sometimes at tight end. Sometimes at slot. Sometimes as a d-tackle. If he can keep his weight down, he looks to be an ideal tight end. Good hands. Athletic. Deceptive speed. Will block on the edge.

Colleges are more and more wanting long, slender D-tackles, who can add weight, strength, and quickness. Of course, DT’s have to be physical. Watch out, Zach.

I like him as a TE first. But he is a football player with 6’4 size. Watched him on HUDL make some big time catches. An MSR top TE in 2019 Class.

Liked sophomore Chris Mayfield. Guessin 6’3-205, he started at DE. Like his frame and potential to get bigger/stronger/faster. Thought he had good speed off the edge. Stayed on his feet. Solid rusher. Just a 10th grader, Chris played hard, but has to play harder on every play. Like to see a little more – “nastiness,” at times. Really good prospect, however.

Looking forward to watching the development of Cannon and Zach. I will catch Zach of the basketball court this winter. I will see Cannon working out at the D1 Sports Training facility. Plenty of time to watch Chris’s development.

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