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Matt Fortner – Good OL Prospect in 2020 Class


First saw Matt Fortner – an offensive lineman from Sylvania Northview High School playing some tight end his freshman year. Had the chance to finally meet him Saturday and came away impressed. A member of theClass of 2020, and I was consider a sophomore as young.

As a freshman, he played a lot for Northview. And I liked his potential to get bigger/faster/stronger. Knew he would grow out of that position. To some extent, he has. Guessin 6’3-255 now. His brother, Luke, is entering his third year at Kentucky. Luke is 6’6-285.

Watched Matt play some hoops last winter for the Northview varsity team. For a 10th grader, thought he ran the court well. Best of all – he was aggressive. Probably will not win a 3 point shooting contest, but I liked his athleticism and toughness.

Last fall, he was an aggressive OL blocker. Stayed with his block. Thought he blocked well in space. Good base. Matt needs to improve his knee bending. A little stiff as a pass protector. Sets up well. Stays with block. As he develops, all of these little problems will be correctable.

On his HUDL Hi-lites, thought he had good inital quickness. Maybe even better on the DL. Finds the football. Runs well to make a play. Again, he is aggressive. Needs to get off blocks better. May be better prospect at center.

Guessin that Matt, will be overlooked on some internet recruiting list. Not a high profile name,  but the college coaches will know of him after the football summer camps.

Size will more than likely move him inside. Not so sure that he could not play center. Excellent grades. Athletic. Played tight end (9th) and plays varsity basketball.

What will help Matt’s growth, also, will be learning the recruiting game from his brother. His brother should make him better on the field, as well.

Always good for me to talk with football players, recruits or not. Finishing 10th grade. Good camp performances. Dominate this fall. Matt should be fine and a good prospect.

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