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Adam Riedinger – No Football – Strong Faith


To watch and meet Adam Riedinger from Springfield Northwestern High School throw the shot and discus was of my reasons to travel to the Wayne Invitational last April. Adam, although from a smaller school football program, was a D1 football recruit. All 6’4-290 pounds.

Was!!! Adam will no longer play football, or really any contact sports from now on. There are no problems with his heart, but he had a defibrillator implanted into his chest last week. Really, he is lucky to be alive.

Adam was a favorite to win the State shot put last week. His throw of 60′ 1″ was one of the best coming in. Plus, he was a strong contender in the discus, as well.

But all of that changed while he was warming up for his final regional discus throw last week at Piqua. He simply collapsed on the cement. His heartbeat had gone out of sync.

The Toledo Central Catholic’s throws coach Angie Knannlein-Rahman is the ICU charge nurse at St Charles Mercy Hospital, in essence, saved Adam’s life. She applied the portable defibrillator and shocked Adam back to life after his color had turned blue.

A cardioverter defibrillator has been implanted into his chest. Actually, Adam was in attendance at the OHSAA  State Track meet last weekend. Doctors cannot explain why it happened. There are no problems with his heart.

Adam hopes to return to track next season. But for this D1 college football recruit – no more football – no more contact sports.

I talked with him at the Wayne Track Meet. At the time, I thought how humble he was. How lay back. For Adam, contact sports are gone, but I hope that he can throw the shot put/discus next spring. If not, he will be fine. Just read his comment and people should agree.

“This means God has a plan for me. Whatever it is, I just have to trust in it.”




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