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Advice For a Quarterback with Little Video


Some advice for a quarterback or really any player who because of an injury last fall has little HUDL Hi-lites available for college coaches.

  1. Find time or make time to heal and get on a strength program. For a quarterback develop those important “core muscles.” Regardless what noise that you hear the “core” is huge.
  2. Take some trips to some college practices this spring. Have your coach call the football program to set up the day that you want to visit. Look ahead and see when the Spring scrimmage is set. If your schedule permits, — GO.
  3. Try to find a D2 camp, like Ashland University who holds a camp in May. Use this camp as a prep for the bigger school camps in June.
  4. Check closely because some MAC schools are having camps in May.
  5. Go to one of the three one day camps at Ohio State. Go with your coach for sure. Parents should go if possible. Tell the college ahead of time which one that you will be attending. Contact me, and I will tell you more.
  6. Find a good quarterback tutor to help you get better. BUT be careful. Don’t take too much advice from too many experts. If you cannot find one, no problem.
  7. If your school goes to some 7on7 competition, be sure to go. Hopefully, some of these competitions are held at college stadiums of fields.
  8. You do not have to travel all over the country to go to a camp. Do well in Ohio and the surrounding states, and you will get noticed. Schools over a four drive are really not worth the effort, UNLESS they want to make an “offer.” Be  sure.

Going into your sophomore year, regardless of position or size, college potential players have to get started on the camp scene. Really important to get to a few. Please do not count on college coaches knowing who you are.

Always remember one of McCallister’s comments. Football recruiting is a business.



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