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Aidan Longwell – Massillon QB – Gets it Done


Head football coach Nate Moore has brought structure, organization, and good coaches to Massillon Washington High School. In turn, Massillon experienced one of their better teams of late, last year.

Massillon, also, has some really good high school players. They have some scholarship players. A former player could be starting at left tackle for O-State. At present they have a 1oth grader who was just recently offered by O-State. But last year, the player who made them go was QB Aidan Longwell, a starter last year and will again be this year.

Only 6’0-170 and probably will not get to 190+ where he really needs to be his senior year. Does not have great 40 speed, but has really good foot quickness and escapability. Good composure in the pocket.

Finds the open receiver. Does the check down well. Reads converage. Understands the Massillon passing game. Needs to improve his throwing motion, but being a baseball pitcher, he seems to have that type of throwing motion at times.

I have been able to chat with him just a few times and to watch him compete five times. From pregame to the game’s end, he has the confidence to lead the Tigers. Plays within himself. So enjoyable to watch him compete, because he can make big play after big play. Aidan just has the “it” factor as a quarterback.

Because of size and speed, he probably will not be a D1 quarterback prospect next spring. A college football QB, yes, but D1 – guessing no.

Aidan does have a baseball scholarship offer from Kent State as either a pitcher or outfielder. He hurt his shoulder last spring and had to miss summer travel baseball. Kent State told him to rest and get healthy. His shoulder looked good last night – but not baseball ready.

As most people know, I do not get caught up spending all of my time writing about just OSU recruits. Sometimes I enjoy learning from all levels of talented players. However, with my college coaches, I do have to focus on the better D1 prospects, most of the time.

Aidan Longwell is only a 11th grader. I will get to see him compete for two more years. Maybe I will catch a baseball game next spring. He does know what a “back door slider” pitch is.

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