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All About the “Fit”


Read one of the comments in the Cleveland Plain Dealer high school sports section today – “Messiah deWeaver, the next great Michigan State quarterback from Ohio, and what does that mean for Ohio State?” Simple and short answer, “Nothing.”

Did not make time to read the article, but I am sure that it was done in a very informative way. Football recruiting guru’s are becoming more and more common and with more and more opinions. Just do not make much effort to read football recruiting stuff.

“Fit.” It is all about the fit. Messiah is more of a “drop-back” type quarterback who can run well enough and is athletic enough to escape the pocket. Not going to run the triple and not going to make his nitch by running for big gains. Tall and sees the field.

Ohio State – Urban Meyer’s offense is a QB run first – pass section. Ideally he wants that 6’1-6’2 – 200 athletic QB who can run first – pass second. Does he have to leave Ohio to get his QB? Probably.  Can he convert some of the those QB’s to receiver to get them on the field? Probably. Does he win with his thinking and his style? Of course.

Have watched Messiah since his freshman year. He has come a long, long way with regards to his QB skills. I believe that he has been working with former Dayton Meadowdale and West Virginia QB Eric Boykin. I have tremendous respect for Boykin. Messiah is smart and studies the game. He will not be asked to win the game, but to manage the game. Should be fine.

Notre Dame’s Malik Zaire and DeShone Kiser are also former Ohio High School quarterbacks. They both have been coached well and fit the Notre Dame system. They both “fit the Notre Dame system.” At last check, both seem to playing very well. Of course, Malik is out for the year.

I have not talked with Messiah for a while, but he was smart not to get all emotional about playing for Ohio State. He realized the place where he can be developed and committed there. Plus, Michigan State is not too bad of a football program. Also, they seem to send a few QB’s on to the NFL. A good “fit” for him.

Now this will not happen to most Ohio high school recruits, because their dream is to be a Buckeye. Sometimes their dad’s dream is bigger than theirs. Of course, living the dream is fine. But being a Buckeye and playing for Ohio State University are different. If it is not a good fit, then being a Buckeye probably is the case. Try to gauge the “fit.” Does your talent fit the school’s type of offense or defense?

Most positions are similar to a quarterback’s. There are different types of running backs. One of the better juniors is Michael Warren at Toledo Central Catholic. More of a power runner and does not have fifth gear. But he can run and run and run. A school like Wisconsin would be a good fit. Or even a Toledo. Much the same is Akron Hoban’s Todd Sibley . Ohio State wants the running back with the 5th gear, but does not have it yet.  Both backs are durable, quick, and power, but lack 5th gear. Benedictine’s DeCavilon Reese, is quick, fast, and has 5th gear.

All about how a football recruit fits into a program. Of course, there are FBS programs that will take anybody and tell them that they fit what that school is doing.

Braxton Miller also from Wayne High School fit Urban Meyer’s style of offense. Messiah deWeaver should fit the offensive style of Mark Dantonio. Either way, neither quarterback loses.


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