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An Early College Football Camp List


One of the most often questions that I get asked in the spring is – “What about college football summer camps?” Not always an easy answer to the question. I deal with so many colleges, I feel that I am “disrespecting” some.

In no way am I am supporting O-State football above the rest, but the 3 one day camps are important. Important, in the fact, that Mid American Conference coaches are in attendance. Sometimes, the head decision maker is there. Not all schools in the MAC come, but most do.

Division 2 schools are also at the O-State 3 one days. Some D2 school coaches work the camps.

In a few days, on the website will be a list of schools that have summer football camps. Instead of listing every school in the country, I have tried to narrow the list to schools that are in reasonable driving distance. More importantly, these schools listed are where so many Ohio high school players need to be evaluated.

First – If a school from outside of Ohio is really recruiting an Ohio prospect and has offered him and is really wanting him to come to their camp, then an Ohio recruit should make an effort to get there. One day is enough.

Second – Some of the MAC schools have camps before the O-State 1 days. Some are scheduled for June 1. Get to those as well.

Later in April, I will have a blog on actually selecting a camp and why. I try to do this after the evaluation period begins on April 15. At that time, a prospect can get a better feel for the schools that are asking him to come. to their camp.

A few years ago, a quarterback’s dad told me that a school in the Big 12 really liked his son’s QB skills. “One of the best passers that he had seen.” The coach really wanted him in camp. Thought that he could be an “offer guy.” The QB was a D2 prospect. Dad and son flew out to the Big 12 school. Wasted trip. The QB is at a D2 school in Michigan.

Just a short blog, explaining my reasoning for putting just certain schools summer camps on my website.

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