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Another Kenton HS Quarterback


Even before the days of the Mauk brothers, Kenton produced some good college quarterbacks. Now, another quarterback is putting up some good numbers at Kenton. Much like Ben and Maty Mauk, Jaron Sharp can beat a defense with his arm, as well as his feet.

Recently, I watched him on the basketball court and he looked good. At 6’2-195, he leads the break, shoots the three, rebounds, plays solid defense, and can “dunk” it.

Just as important, he is leading a team that starts two and sometimes three freshman. Plus, they have won more games than K-town has won in recent years.

Good basketball player, but being a scholarship quarterback is what I see in Jaron.

As a freshman, he played some free safety, just to get on the field. He was playing behind a productive QB who was also a three year starter.

This past fall was really Jaron’s breakout year. In Kenton’s high powered offense, he threw for over 3,400 yards and rushed for 1189 yards.

Toughness and the desire to compete are evident when he runs with football. Excellent vision. Makes defenders miss. Breaks tackles. Runs with some break away speed. At times, he should probably pull up and throw, rather that run. A tough runner as a quarterback.

Really like his quarterback skills. Strong arm. Excellent vision. Finds the open receiver. Accurate on both short and long throws. Can really stretch the field. Throws very well on the run. When he sets his feet and follows thru with a good release, he can really spin-it. At times he drops his shoulder, but makes the completion.

Although I have not really watched him in a camp, I am guessin he does not have that perfect QB technique on every throw. But what Jaron does, is make plays and make his teammates better. Much the same as on the basketball court.

The bloodlines are there. His grandpa was a successful high school football coach. His dad, C J, was a very good high school quarterback. In fact, I evaluated him back in the day.

Jaron is not necessarily your “rah-rah” or “get in ur face” QB. Actually, he is more the quiet leader by example athlete. The nice thing – his teammates follow him. Plus (being nice here), he will not back down, when things get tough.

Important for Jaron to get in front of college QB coaches this spring and summer. I really believe that he has a “gun,” but he needs to use it in front of “decision makers.” They need to see him throw. Competing is no problem.

There is another “quarterback in Kenton.” I hope that he has the success of some of the QB’s that came before him.


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