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Antwan Peek got McCallister’s Five Minute Nugget


With most African American coaches who I see at summer football camps and during the regular season, I usually spend five minutes of their time to give them McCallister’s wisdom. In these cases the wisdom is about how happy I am that they have chose to give back to their community and how important it is to the football players.

When many of these coaches played high school football, community friends and neighbors seem to make up most of the coaching staffs. Coaches back then could say ” you missed your block.” Sometimes with a different vocab. Of course not all coaches did this, but many did. Over 30 pears of experience, lets me say that.

Last Saturday night at Kenton, I shared some time with Antwan Peek who coaches the defense for the Cincinnati Indian High football team. We have run into each other over the years. Actually, he is one of my favorite people, regardless of anything.

First met him back in 1997 (roughly) when he was playing for Cincinnati Woodward. Met him at the school, talked with him a few  minutes, took his picture, and wished him well. That year I think there were 17 players on his team. But at 6’3-210, he was a player. Also played basketball.

For what it means, I rated him as one of the top five DE’s in Ohio. He went on to play for University of Cincinnati. I checked and he set a record of 28 QB sacks.

Houston drafted him in the 3rd round. Took him a while to get consistent playing time, but he started every game in 2005. He signed with the Cleveland Browns in 2007. He retired from the NFL in 2009 due to a torn patella tendon.

Met him again when he was coaching for Ted Ginn at Glenville High School. Also  chatted with him when he was an assistant coach at Lake Erie College.

Every time and I mean, every time, we always chatted for few minutes. We always managed a laugh or two. The good news is that we still do.

Antwan now works for the postal service in Cincinnati. Also now a certified personal trainer. I would guess he spends most of his time doing his “first love,”coaching and developing young men to be the best playing football. Youth league or high school football are the same tor him.

I appreciate Antwan Peek for who he is and who he has become. Of course, he got the five minute nugget from the old man.

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