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Ben Christman – An MSR top OL Guy – 2021


I watched Revere High School’s Ben Christman go through a long, hard hitting scrimmage today. All 6’6-315 pounds. Actually, he  played on both sides of the ball often. A future Ohio State lineman, he competed hard.

First met Ben last winter when he was playing junior varsity basketball. Thought he moved well around the basket, but thought he needed more effort running the court. But basketball is not his thing.

Today, he gave good effort from his left tackle position. Strong. Physical blocker. Good balance. Blocked on the 2nd level. Really liked the way he finished blocks. Bends well for a big guy. Only a junior and only the first time against a different colored jersey this season. But the athleticism is there.

Ben believes pass pro is one area that he needs to improve. Agree. He, also, needs to run better and improve his foot quickness. Although he carries his weight well, I would like to see him down to 295 in the off season.

Physicality is a strength for him. Plays physical and with confidence. Like his strength and believe that he hides his 315 pounds well.

Math and science are two of his favorite subject areas. Likes working with numbers. Looking to get into business after his football playing days are over. Like most scholarship football players, if the NFL shows interest, he would be interested.

His advice to younger players – take advantage of every opportunity to get better. Work hard. Do the extra and compete. One play away from playing.

When he gets bored, he messes with his brothers. Also likes to draw. Asked him what other talent that he would like to have. “Play the piano.” A 6’6-315 strong young man, playing the piano. Sounds good.

Having already committed to Ohio State, gaining lots of media attention, and receiving awards, what makes him stay driven to get better? Ben wants to help the team as much as possible. The better he plays, the better the team will be. All about the team. That and his desire to compete.

Words to live by – “Compete.” All about competing to be the best. Since the beginning of his sophomore year, he realized he had some potential to be really good. He has competed hard to get there.

Still two years away, but I believe Ben has a huge future. Maybe a right tackle. Maybe a guard. But as he continues to improve his foot quickness and his lateral movement, the future is bright for Ben Christman.

Hard for me to read Ben at times, but I enjoyed talking with him today and over the phone tonight. I wish him the best. A good character guy.


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