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Brady Lichtenberg – A Top QB in 2021 Class


Love to watch quarterbacks play basketball. I don’t care if they can shoot 3’s or make those no-look passes. I am evaluating quarterbacks, not point guards or 2 guards.

A little under-sized right now, maybe (?) anyway. On a good day, he is 6’1. Up front – his growth or his getting bigger/stronger/faster will be the level of his recruitment. But definitely a D1 scholarship recruit today – December 19.

Brady is tough and competes hard. Does no shy away from competition. Looks like a ” choir-boy,” but plays really hard. Constantly, tried to get open last night against tough competition. Came off of picks. Also found the open shooter.  Brady can shoot the basketball, for sure.

Of course, I am not evaluating him as a basketball player.

Looked as his HUDL Hi-lites video again this morning. Season was shorten due to injury, but he did well in the games that he played. Finds the open receiver. Runs well to escape the rush. Eyes always down field. Like his QB passing skills. Extents plays with his feet and arm.

Ball comes out well and he can “spin-it.” Again, as he gets older and bigger/stronger/faster, he will continue to get better. Really needs to keep expanding his core muscles. Finding a time to get in some good lifting is probably hard, but he needs to get it done.

In the same game, I watched sophomore Thomas Zsiros from Toledo St John’s. Guessin 6’3. Played tough. Not a super basketball player yet, but I really liked his HUDL Hi-lites. Played free safety. Also ran the ball some. Athletic and can jump. Liked his quiet swagger.

Again only a 10th grader, but one who has a chance to be special. MSR will rate his potential high.

Brady Lichtenberg played tough and competed hard, which are two of the most valuable assets a quarterback needs. When he walks into the huddle – he is in charge and will get it done. Also has the “The QB swagger”  Of course, Brady has the quarterback skills, as well.

Bowling Green has “offered.” Watching Brady Lichtenberg grow and develop will be fun. Looking forward to it.

Grandpa Lichtenberg would be proud!



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