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Brady Lichtenberg – One of the Top QB’s in 2021 Class


Last Friday against Toledo St Johns was not one of QB Brady Lichtenberg’s best nights, but I saw enough to believe that he is one of the better quarterback prospects in the Ohio Class of 2021.

First, give Toledo St Francis some credit, because they pressured and disrupted St Johns early in the game. St Johns did settled down and eventually won the game.

Listed 6’1-190, Brady continues to get bigger/stronger (especially in the core). Runs well enough to escape pressure. Never going to run 4.5, but runs well enough to move the chains. Much of this has to do with his understanding of the pressure and QB vision.

Believe that his throwing mechanics are excellent. Ball gets out quickly. Good release. Good rpms. Throws on the run. Like his footwork.

Brady feels his biggest strength is his knowledge of the offense. He understands what to look for in certain defenses. His mental approach to the game is strong. Decision making and making quicker decisions are two areas that he needs to work on. To me, his strength is his understanding of the game.

Favorite NFL player is Drew Brees, QB of the New Orleans Saints. Both are QB’s. Both are smart. Both have strong arms. Both are on shorter side, but Brady may be taller. To me, both are team leaders, with excellent character, and both make plays.

Two biggest influences for him are his late grandpa and his father. Grandpa Tom coached for many years in college. I first met him when he was on Earle Bruce’s staff at Ohio State. First met his dad, when he played high school football at Thomas Worthington. Both – good people.

Good student in the classroom. After graduation, he wants to major in history and get into the football coaching business. Like the idea myself, because he has coach written all over him.

Words to live by for Brady are to be as honest and straight forward as possible. Treat people right. But he did me tell that he likes his space at times.

He would like to trade places with LaBron James for one day. Not so much for his talents, but because of LaBron’s willingness to give back to the community.

The best thing about football for Brady is that it brings teammates together. The team forms kind of a bond. Good teammates are always important. Worst thing – He would love to play some free safety on defense. Not to be with QB skills.

For now, Brady is making the college game tours. Visited Iowa and West Virginia among others. Serious interest from the MAC, including Toledo.

I have seen enough of Brady Lichtenberg’s quarterback skills to rate him high in Ohio’s 2021 class. I have  seen his leadership on the basketball court. I have watched him grow as a player. Of course, I like his competitive attitude. He will be fine.


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