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Brandon Taylor – A Top DE -2020


Defensive linemen are hard to find in high school. Colleges want them long, want them taller, want them to have quick hands and quick feet, and want them tough.

Lima Senior’s Brandon Taylor (2020) fits the mold. At least 6’3. Quick hands and feet. Best of all, he has toughness. Plays with emotion. One of his strengths is his closing speed. He gets to the ball and finishes plays.

First saw him two years starting for Lima Senior at defensive end. Only a sophomore, but he had the quickness and toughness. Played undersized, but made up for that with his aggressive style.

Going into his senior year, he measures 6’3-240. Plays fast. He will play DE for the Spartans. Really like his speed off the edge. Needs to improve his initial quickness. Needs to improve his re-direct. He changes direction better than most, but he needs to be better. Like the way he uses his hands to get off blocks. Does a good job of finding the football.

The biggest influence in Brandon’s life is his mother. She has been his strongest supporter. Plus they communicate well. Good and solid relationship. His sounding board.

Biggest advice that he can give a freshman is to work really hard from the beginning. Don’t wait.

As far as the football recruiting process – “enjoy it . Enjoy the process. Enjoy reading the good things that people say about you.”

Brandon feels that his feet are his strength. Believes that he can run around and chase down the ball. His weakness – needs to improve his get off. Also needs to improve his hand strength. Needs to be better at using his hands.

Brandon’s goal is to be playing in the NFL in ten years. His ceiling is high. He is far from the top of his potential. By that, I mean he will get so much stronger and quicker over the next few years. As far as toughness, he has that now, but as he gets bigger/stronger/faster, he will be even more physical.

Brandon plays with the feeling that” he must always prove that he can play with the intensity to be the best.” No so much a chip on his shoulder, but just with the emotion that he needs to prove that ” he is the best and that will always need work the hardest. ”

Great words to live by. I agree.

What makes Brandon Taylor special to me is his answer, when I asked him that in college, if gets to 275, would he move inside to a 3 tech. “Yes.”

Really believe Brandon will someday, be a starting defensive tackle in Power Five college football.

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