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Bryon Threats DB Dublin Coffman HS 2021


First met Bryon Threats as he was making the move to Dublin Coffman High School. Getting out the city of Columbus was  as important,  as playing football for one the better big school programs in Central Ohio. Like so many of the young football prospects that I watch, there was just something that I saw and liked in him.

His natural football skills are obvious. Listed 5’10-190, he is explosive and physical. Excellent vision. Gives tremendous effort. Bryon makes big plays on either side of the ball.

Bryon is back to winter work outs. Although he has never played lacrosse, he may this spring. If not lacrosse, he may return to track. Either one would be a good choice to get bigger/stronger/faster for his senior year of football.

His mother is huge in his life. His mom is pushing him to be the best that he can be. Her driving him to the best, improves his own drive to be the best. A single mom, she has worked hard to make his life better and better.

In fact, he said that LeBron James would be one  guy that he would like to change places with for one day. Explaining why – LeBron grew up with a single mom, who always stayed near him. For Bryon, he has experienced many of the same issues as LeBron did growing up.

People who criticize all of the time, annoy him the most. Being in the limelight, he will get criticized, but for him, it is still bothersome.

One thing that nobody knows about Bryon is that he loves to cook. With that, he also loves to eat. He would not go into detail about some of the foods that he makes.

His biggest strength as a football player is that he understands the game. Understands the finer points. He wants to be coached up, but he feels that he sees what coaches are explaining quicker than some players.

As far as improvements, he needs to better handle his emotions. Maybe too emotional at times. We had that discussion last fall at a scrimmage. One thing – his emotions are not “me-me.” They are from effort. He will get better.

The best thing about football – having fun playing the sport is huge. Loves the chance to compete other schools. Enjoys competing against friends and players from other schools. The worst thing about football – losing. Tough getting beat.

Advice to a 9th grader – grind, grind, grind, and get better. Stay focused and be ready.

Football recruiting is going well for Bryon. Enjoys meeting and talking with college coaches. Learning a lot about the process. He also sees  the dishonesty of the college coaches at times. But he gets it.

Early offers from Akron, Ohio, Toledo, Indiana, UC, and Iowa State, among others.

For me, Bryon Threats is one of the top ten recruits in the Ohio Class of 2021. Not a natural RB, but I like him with ball in his hands. Maybe a slot receiver. Although height hurts some, he best position is “strong safety or “nickel” back  position. He is the BEST punt/kickoff returner in Ohio. The best!!!

Looking forward to watching Bryon his senior year. A top MSR prospect in the Ohio Class of 2021.

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