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Butler and Grier – DL Guys at Whitmer


Last Friday, I enjoyed my conversation with two defensive linemen from Toledo Whitmer High School. Both are very good college prospects. DE Cavon Butler is one of the better defensive lineman in the 2019 Class. While DT Romelle Grier is working to be one of the better DT in Class of 2020.

Cavon Butler

First saw Cavon playing some DE as a freshman at Whitmer. Big and strong, but his quickness really impressed me , even back then. Liked his toughness, but sometimes he did not play hard. Only a freshman. His sophomore year a little of the same thing, but he could bring it. No question about talent, however.

His junior year was much better for him. Always a force. Actually, a beast when he was on his game. His quickness and quick burst into the backfield was unstoppable at times. In the game I saw, he was always in the backfield making plays. Got thru traffic to make plays.

Talking with him last Friday, we talked about getting better. His grades are better. His football is better. Plays varsity basketball and throws the shot in track. Busy man! I feel like he is “buying in.” And, although I may be too critical, he knows that I really like his potential.

Romelle was a Whitmer kid, until his family moved to Texas his 9th grade year. He came back to Ohio last summer and started on the defensive line for Whitmer. All 6’2-265 pounds. Really like his “pad under pad” play from his 3 technique.

Romelle Grier

Liked his play last fall, but he needs to be more consistent. Only a 10th grader. He can defeat the double team. Like his gap control. Finds the football and has good effort getting through traffic to make a play. Needs to improve his initial quickness off ball.

A year in the off season at Whitmer should be huge for Romelle. He told me that he has lost some weight and gotten stronger. I like his athleticism, but I bet that has improved as well.

In just talking with him, he needs to continue that Whitmer “swagger.” I have always been impressed with the mental toughness of Whitmer football players. As I always say – “buy in.”

Both Cavon and Romelle have D1 talent. Both are D1 recruits. Both have D1 toughness. Both have D1 athleticism. Now they have to continue to work to get better and better.

Looking forward to seeing these two, along with the Whitmer team in action this fall.



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