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Cannon Blauser, Zach Hummel – Leaders at Bradley


Hilliard Bradley football has been improved over the last few years. Good coaching and good players have  much to do with this success. Two players who have bought into the program are juniors, Cannon Blauser and Zach Hummel.

Of course, there are more, but Cannon and Zach are special, because I walked down to watch them practice as freshmen. I was watching the Bradley varsity practice, but noticed these two with the freshmen.

They have gotten better and better and this fall will playing their last year of football for Bradley. Both have “offers,” and with a good spring and a good showing at some college summer camps should be getting more offers.

Cannon Blauser

Cannon is a workout warrior. Works out with his high school team 5 mornings a week and trains at the D1 Sports Training facility four days a week after school. Guessin 6’3-220, he has worked hard to add good weight and get stronger. At D1 he also spends a lot of time on changing direction and on improving his burst.

Really like his aggressiveness at his linebacker position. Really like his closing speed. Plays well down hill. Also finishes plays. Good open field tackler. Needs to add more weight, but maintain his speed. Would like to see him on  the inside playing linebacker, with the ability to play in open space, if needed.

Needs get bigger and play lower, but no one will out work him or out “tough” him.

Since his sophomore,Zach has played a number of different positions.

Zach Hummel

Tight end. Defensive end. Defensive tackle. Very athletic. Watched him play varsity basketball as a sophomore. This year he starts on a very good team. Guessin 6’3-235, but he may be a little taller. Ran the court well. Played tough defense. Tough around the basket. Like his athleticism.

On the football field, he is aggressive. Liked his skills as a tight end. Caught the ball on the seam route. On the DL he has good quickness. Uses his hands to get separation. Plays hard and finishes. Good feet. The biggest thing for Zach is to continue to get bigger/stronger/quicker. Put on good weight. Much like Cannon, Zach is a competitor.

Watching these two mature and develop over the last three yeasr into good college prospects has been enjoyable. Still one high school season ahead. After that both should be playing on the next level.





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