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Chest-bumps to Players Making HUDL Lites Now


Congrats to the Ohio high school football players who are beginning to work on their HUDL Hi-lites video for this season. Great move to begin now.

At season’s end you will be able to for a solid 25-30 play Hudl hi-lites video that covers the complete season. By editing your games now, you will save time at the end of the season. In the recruiting world, the earlier is better when getting your name out there.

The biggest mistake that I see often is that the player is not identified soon enough. Mark the player before the play starts. As players line up, use the circle or the arrow to identify the player.

If you are playing both on the junior varsity and varsity, be sure to put your varsity hi-lites first. Put your junior varsity clips after the varsity ones. Probably a good idea to distinguish between the two. Better for the ones who are evaluating your hi-lites.

Be sure that your height/weight measurables are reasonably accurate. Do not exaggerate too much.

As silly as this may sound, if you have any desire, no matter how low, to, play college football at any level begin making HUDL video. If you are a 10th grader and getting some varsity time, begin to make a video. If you are a 9th grader and getting some varsity or even junior varsity time, start working on hi-lites. You simply never know.

Full game tapes are available to college coaches. The bad – college coaches can see complete games, beginning with the first game. The good – many or a high percentage of college coaches do not take the time to look at complete games. Really wonder how many support staff do not look at complete games. Hi-lites are still important to many staff HUDL watchers.  I think the term is laziness!

Almost forgot to mention – use your time making hi-lites also a time to improve your football skills. Watch the video over and over to see where corrections need to made. Look at both the negative and positive coaching points.

If you are having trouble making a HUDL Hi-lites video. Google it – ” making a HUDL hi-lites video.” Very easy to do. I read it myself.

Beginning early to start posting each game hi-lites is really huge. Take some time. The game is recent and should be fresh in your mind. Now is the time. Thanks to all players who.


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