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Chris’Seon Stringer – WR in 2019 Class


Last night, I watched junior Chris’Seon Stringer lead Cincinnati Taft to a basketball tournament victory over Cincinnati Hills Christian Hills Academy.

As much as anything, I thought that he was the “calming effect” for a group of very good athletic basketball players. Like his quickness. Good burst. Quick hands on defense.

Watched him play a Saturday night football game his sophomore year against Dayton Marshall. As I remember the night was cold, but caught the ball and blocked well.

Chris played wide receiver and some corner.  At 6’1-190, he ran well. Deceptive speed, but always fast enough. Excellent competitive speed. Good hips. Good hands and good concentration. Ran well after the catch. Some burst evident.

Maybe the best part of watching Chris’Seon, was that he was more than a willing blocker. Good effort and was aggressive blocking in space. Guessin 6’1. Taller now.

At the time, I thought that he had Division 1 football potential. Back in January 2017, his football and his basketball season finished for the year. He tore his ACL and missed all of the football season this past fall. Playing basketball now, and I saw no effects from his injury last night.

Really believe that he is a football player and playing basketball. He is a solid basketball player, no doubt. But from what I saw in him as a 10th grader, I like his potential in football. Also like his 3.1GPA.

His biggest challenge to be the best football player that he can be going into his senior year. Really, no one knows how he will react after the torn ACL. In fact, Chris’Seon does not either. He might guess, but nothing for sure. But he ran well last night.

Getting to some college football camps will be huge for Chris’Seon, because, I would guess, most schools are not familiar with him. Missing his junior year and no video available hurts some. Not playing in a high profile football program could hurt some.

Really believe that Chris’Seon will be a scholarship wide receiver. Needs to work hard to get better, but he has the natural receiver skills. And he has the WR swagger. Just needs to “buy-in” and focus.

Due to no junior video, he is behind somewhat in the football recruiting process. But if the basketball team keeps winning, his exposure will grow. And exposure will be huge for him.



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