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Cleveland Browns Showcase and Camps in General


Really enjoyed the Cleveland Browns Showcase last Saturday. Well organized. Good drills. Some good tests. Good kids. High school coaches worked hard.

Some D2/D3 coaches were walking around. Sad, but that is what some were doing. But guys like Dave Arnold, assistant Bethany College football coach, were working.

I know that some recruiting experts find camps like this, are not worth attending. Not worth evaluating players. In fact, one sarcastically told me, in so many words, that my camps and combines were not important. Oh, well.

I spend a lot of time evaluating players, regardless of what class they are in. Regardless of ability. Regardless of size. Obviously, some evaluations are short; some are more in detail. It is what it is. Not all players can play college football.

Seneca East High School plays in the same conference as Upper Sandusky. A smaller school league that does not produce many D1 football players. But they do have D2 and D3 college football prospects.

I met a 2019 DE/RB from Seneca East High School, Saturday.

Blaine Swartzmiller, from SE needs exposure. Plain and simple. Guessin 6’1-220. Ran well. Ran a 4.29/pro shuttle. Good initial quickness. Needs to work on change of direction. Plays RB/DE at Seneca East. A possinble MIKE  on the next level. The best qualities for Blaine are that he plays with emotion and has fun competing.

Blaine competes. Watched his HUDL hi-lites this morning. He plays with emotion. Works hard. But he really needs to get his name “out there.” Get in front of college coaches. Get in front of guys like me. The Browns Showcase was good for him to get in front coaches.

Any camp that I attend, whether it be a college camp or a private camp, like Under Armour, I feel like it is important to talk with parents. I enjoy meeting them. Of course, visiting with every parent is virtually impossible, but I try to meet as many as I can. But I enjoy visiting them.

Usually, the dads are on the bigger “ego” level than I am. Even if they do not get it, they are not going to act like it. Moms are fun. I learn a lot about a mom’s son.

Sometimes parents do not understand the recruiting process. Hopefully, I can be of some help. I only repeat what I know, because understanding all of the fine print in the process is actually tough at times.

For example, I mentioned about registering with the NCAA Eligibility Center to some parents. No clue. Before a prospect can begin the football recruiting process with colleges, he has to be registered with NCAA. They need to go to the NCAA website to begin the process.

At the Cleveland Browns Showcase, a good number of underclassmen worked out and tested. To me, this is also huge. Anytime an underclassmen  can get some experience and get some awareness of what testing is about, what drills are important, and what competition is “out there,” go for it. Knowledge is important. Start early.

I met an 8th grader last Saturday. No name here. Guessin he is 6’4-285 pounds. IF he keeps working on his footwork and maintains his weight and IF he continues to improve athletically, every school in the country will be following him. Lives in the Cleveland area. I mean – oh my!

As I have been “beating my chest” about the importance of camps like the Cleveland Browns Showcase, I received an email from a parent about the Blue Gray Combine in Cincinnati at the end of March. Is it important?  Her son received an invitation, but is involved in a school program that he cannot miss?

My answer – What is the purpose? Is it outside or indoors? Who is running it? What is the reward? How much does it cost? 135 dollars. NO. Paying $135 to compete. NO. I apologized to her, but too much money for any benefits.

Just received a flyer from O-State about their football camps this coming summer. With apologies to all of my college coaching friends in the Mid-American Conference, these camps are important to high school players wanting to play on the next level.

Why? Coaches from almost every staff in the MAC, in D2, in D3 and in the NAIA will be there evaluating talent. Some of the higher level prospects get a chance to work out in front of the college coaches. A smaller number, but more individual attention. BUT you have to be invited.

Camp Dates for O-State one day camps:  Friday, June 8  – Tuesday, June 12  –  Saturday, June 15

Always enjoy writing about the football recruiting process and expressing my thoughts. Some may not agree, but “Oh well.”




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