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Cody Johnson – A Weight Loss Poster Boy


Two years ago at one of my MSROHIO Combines, I first met Cody Johnson who was finishing his freshman year of football at Columbus Grove High School, located between Findlay and Lima, Ohio. He was a big offensive/defensive lineman. “Big” is being kind to him.

Cody Johnson

Cody weighed just over 400 pounds. Guessin 6’3, but over 4oo pounds. But amazingly, he was athletic. Could bend some. Worked hard and finished drills. Just carrying so much weight.

At the time, I remember telling him that he just hard to lose 100 pounds. My 92 years young mother could have come up with that amazing evaluation. 400 pounds!

Watched Cody play basketball last Friday night.  A back-up, but I saw him warm-up and get in just a few minutes in the first half. Worked hard. Good eye hand coordination. Gets up and down the court. Probably will not get a visit from John Beilein anytime soon.

BUT, Cody is now weighing 335. He has lost 65 pounds, since the first time I met him almost two years. Not a lot of “cookie dough” on his body. Really, looks pretty solid.

Only talked with him for 10 minutes, and most of the chatter was about his conditioning and the camps coming up this summer. Actually, I will see him two weeks at the Cleveland Browns Showcase. Looking forward to watching him do football related drills.

He told me that he has a nutritionist and works out with a speed coach in Lima. Started last Saturday. The key in his weight loss is his self-discipline. Eating healthy and training hard, of course, are huge, but he has to have the drive and desire to follow directions.

Last fall, he over matched his opponent in ones on one blocking . And,  he should have dominated given his size and athleticism. Bends okay. Obviously, needs to work on endurance, but will done that. Toughness and physicality are there.

Mentioned college football summer camps. Huge for Cody. Needs to get in front of decision makers. Needs to work hard. Also, with Columbus Grove HS being a smaller football program and located in a rural area, exposure is really important. Not necessary with social media, but with college football coaches on all levels. Reality!

Cody should play offensive line on the next level. With his size, I am guessin offensive guard. Just not quick enough, for me, to play a 3 tech on defense. Strong enough (especially at high school level), but needs quicker hands and needs to get off blocks better.

We talked about the weight loss goal for this fall. He is thinking 315. Needs to get to 315 for the college football summer camps. Camps, just as they are for most players who want to play on the D1 level, are huge. No different for Cody.

Personally, Cody’s overall health is more important to me, than losing weight to play football. I mean 400 pounds as a high school freshman. Last concern – once he gets to his desired weight, do not “blow-up” and gain a lot weight back.

Really enjoyed seeing and visiting with him. Will see him on the college camp circuit this summer.


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