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Cody Johnson – OL – 2019


Cody Johnson is a big young junior who leads the way for the Columbus Grove High School football team. Playing both ways at times, but the offensive guard position may be his home.

Cody Johnson - OL Columbus Grove HS - 2019
Cody Johnson – OL
Columbus Grove HS – 2019

Right now, he has to lose more weight. Guessin 350.  But losing weight, is what jumps out at me.

Cody came to the MSR Combine last March measuring 6’3-372. Huge. Too heavy. Actually ran a 5.0/5-10-5. Also ran an 8.1/L-cone. Really good times for his size. Moves well.

At the time, I told Cody that he really needed to lose weight to play college football, especially D1. He found a personal trainer and has worked hard to be in better condition.

Last Saturday night, I liked his balance. Can bend his knees, but needs to get better. Really on the D-7 level, there were no real challenges to him. Just overpowered defenders.

The potential is there. Only a junior, so he has a year to get lighter and quicker. Columbus Grove will miss the playoffs. Get some rest. Don’t eat too much turkey and dressing. Stay away from the candy at Christmas time. (HUMOR).

Of course, losing weight will be hard. Cody has the balance, the toughness, the physicality, and the movement.

I wish him the best on the long , huge challenge ahead.

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