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College Football Camps – “Just Sayin”


College football summer camps are almost a necessity when you are involved to the football recruiting process. Thought that I would give some free uneducated advice about college football camps.

2020 Class – Going into your senior year this is the time that you have to “sell out,” “leave it on the field,” or do whatever is necessary. Showtime. Some campers are supporting “offers.” Some are not. Remember – “take no prisoners.” Your work will not be easy, Because almost all D1 recruits have been identified. Ones with no offers will have to work the hardest to convince college coaches that can play D1 football. For the ones who are searching for that first offer – do something to “Wow!” college coaches. Only takes one college coach to like you.

If you are going into your senior year and have offers, you have to prove that you are deserving of that offer. Colleges issue many “camp offers.” That is – “Come to camp, and if you do well, we will make your offer “committable.” if you have a bad camp, the coaching staff could pull that “camp offer.” For real.

College coaches kill the “camp guy” comment. That is, “come to camp and if you do well, you will get an offer.” This use too much. But it at least shows some interest from a college football coaching staff.

If you do well and have offers coming into camp, college recruiting reporters will know about you. Good chance for more exposure through social media. Just be careful how you answer their questions. Sometimes they can ask leading questions.

Even with a ton of offers or just one offer, you cannot slack off. College coaches can drop you really quickly.

2021 Class – For me this is an important time for “about to be juniors.” If a 2021 prospect is not already on the board, this is a chance to get exposure and get his name on the board. Obviously a prospect needs to make the college coaches’ lists as soon as possible. Definitely, if he is going into his junior year, the 2021 recruits need to be on the recruiting board.

This is first time – 1) to pass the eyeball test. 2) to show your skills. 3) to compete against top level competition. 4) to learn how to do and to absorb the drills. For many 2021 prospects camp is the first major test. Do not forget – it is a business!!!

Work hard. Leave it on the field. Finish every drill. Be aggressive. Always try to get to front of the line. Do not be content with “about to be seniors” taking all of the reps.

I really believe that you should do something to WOW or to OMGoodness the coaches.  When you go to camps with many different coaches from different colleges, getting their attention in a positive way is huge.

2022 Class – Learn everything that you can. Learn the camp process. Learn what it takes. Learn what is expected. Coaching will be okay, but learn the camp procedure. Ohio State and, I am guessing, just about every camp runs the way every year. But learn the process and what is expected.

Really believe that prospects from the 2022 Class should absorb everything. Watch the top level prospects are doing. How are they testing? What are their work habits? Watch and learn how the college coaches communicate.

Do not act like a 10th grader. Remember you are looking for a job. Work hard. Don’t be silly. Meet some of the other prospects in your class. Start building relationships. But take this opportunity to make a good impression on college coaches.

2023 Class – Much the same as the 2022 Class. You have so much to learn and make adjustments to. Toughen up!! Don’t let them see you give up or complain about the work, the heat, or the long hours of work. You are just beginning high school. Showing mental and physical toughness is huge for a 9th grader at a college camp.

As un-McCallister as it may sound – treat this 6 hours as a business. Stay focused. You are mixed in with guys who will play at Pack-5 Schools. Absorb the process. See what it takes to be a D1 recruit and what you must be in 3 years.

Just McCallister Thoughts

I know that is hard for parents and will upset them. Campers/prospects put your parents on the side line. You make the break. Focus on what is ahead. Tough as it may sound, just think about what is ahead for the day. Compare your measurements to other players. Learn the process of registration.

Parents – Your son will be okay. There will be water available. They take breaks. I really believe that it is time for your son to start thinking for himself. If he messes up, who knows and it is no big deal.

Whether you are pre-registered of not, try to get to the camp early. Avoid lines. Get your measureables – height/weight done early. Get your individual agility test done. Then hang out. Focus on what lies ahead.

“Hangin out” could be huge for you. College coaches usually are out early and walking through the campers. For heavens sake, if one says something to you, get with it.

If a coach talks to you, jump up if you are sitting down. Look at the coach and tell him who you are, where you are from, and what position you play. Look him in the eyes. Introduce your parents.

If your parents, or you, are hoping to get autographs or get to meet a head coach, it probably “ain’t” going to happen. Maybe after the camp has concluded, a coach will have a picture taken with you.

Just to forewarn a camper. The college players are either working the camp or working out. You are there to camp. Not to collect autographs from players. If anything watch how college players carry themselves.

As I wrote earlier, finish every drill. Do not let other campers pass you by. If you “mess up” get right back and do the drill or one-on-one again. Don’t put your “head between your legs” like a little puppy dog. This college camp is a “business trip, not a social event.” Enjoy the experience. Smile. Work really hard.

This is the last nugget I will give to you about camps. Work with a purpose. Prove to coaches that you belong. Play with a little chip on your should. Don’t make that chip a basketball or soccer ball. More the size of a baseball. Golf ball is too small.  Prove that you are better than people think that you are. Prove that you belong.

The very best to you in your college camp experiences.


Camps are good. Two more weeks of camps in June. There are a sprinkle in July. Underclassmen – learn the process. Make new friends along the way. But do not forget – Football Recruiting is a Business

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