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Something I have done for years and years, is to attend all of the College Recruiting Nights that I can realistically get to. Some College Nights are scheduled on the same night, but I am fortunate to have someone collect the information for me.

College Night Cleveland Area Coaches
College Night
Cleveland Area Coaches

College Nights are a time when high school football coaches provide information on their prospective college football prospects to college coaches. Handouts with all types of information are available. HUDL video links are available. High school transcripts are huge. All available to the college coach.

A few years ago, the NCAA made a rule that  FBS (D1) schools could no longer attend these college nights. Now FCS schools, D2 schools and D3 schools are there. In a sense, making the College Nights off limits to D1 school, hurt attendance just a little, but put more emphasis on non D1 prospects.

The winter meetings are usually held during the first three weeks in December. Pretty much, come and go. Tables are set up and college coaches move from table to table. Of course, at this time college coaches get to visit with other college coaches, as well. A win-win situation.

In the spring, usually the first two weeks in May, College Nights are also held. Maybe a little better attended, because high school coaches are giving out information on underclassmen. In December, if a college coach has done his homework, these meetings just reinforce a college coach’s information. In May, much of the information is new.

There are College Nights all over Ohio. The meetings are organize by the area football coaches’ associations. Cleveland, Stark County, Summit County, Lorain County, Columbus, Mansfield, Dayton, Cincinnati are  consistent with hosting College Nights.

The Northwest Ohio area used to host College Nights, but have stopped holding them. I hear all kinds of reasons not to have them. I mean all kinds. Toledo coaches seem to complain that many college coaches do not stop at the schools. Most of the college prospects in the Northwest Ohio area are D2 and D3 level recruits. Yet no one seems to want to put some extra effort to get something started.

I have heard some high school football coaches complain about private recruiting services. I have heard some coaches complain that putting together the information takes too much time. I have heard coaches complain that since D1 college coaches can no longer attend, they see less value in these meetings. I have heard that some coaches are just too lazy.

One of the reasons that high school coaches coach is to help kids get better. Promoting young men by attending College Recruiting Nights would seem to be a way to do this.

Too late now for the winter meetings, but as a parent, say something to your head football coach about a College Recruiting Night this spring. Say something again in March. Ask him what is needed from a parent’s end. Get his thinking about them.

Promoting high school players by attending a College Recruiting Night is, obviously, one of the least expensive ways to do it. One of the most credible. But if your high school coach says that he does not know anything about them, if he says that he does not have the time, if he says that he does not have any D1 prospects, if he says that it is not his job, or if he says that your son is not college football material — Good luck. Do you believe in Open Enrollment ? HUMOR

Leaving for C-bus today to attend the Central Ohio College Night. Before that I will watch Ohio State practice. Always fun to see Ohio kids that I have watched in high school,  now playing on the college level.

No, I am not going to get an Urban Meyer autograph for you.



  1. Mike

    December 14, 2016 at 5:37 pm

    When is the date for Southern ohio?


    • John McCallister

      December 14, 2016 at 9:07 pm

      I do not believe that southern Ohio has a College Recruiting Night. If they do, it is probably already been held.


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