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Connor Bazelak – A Top QB – 2019 Class


Made the trip to Northmont High School last night to watch one of my favorite quarterbacks in the Ohio 2019 Class. Connor Bazelack has the size, the smarts, and the athletic talent to be a fine QB on the next level. Now he needs he more reps and more time.

On the basketball court, he showed some of the same qualities that I like. Played under control. Ran the court. Moved his feet and changed direction. Played solid defense. Was able to find the open man and made the sharp pass to him. Physically, I guessin 6’4-205.

Really believe that he is more of a pocket type passer, with the ability to run to extend a play. Last fall he was able to escape the pocket and throw on the run either side. Not a fast guy, but was athletic enough to make plays with his legs.

As I mentioned earlier, 6’4-205 and the frame to get stronger. Solid arm strength, but that will improve with core training and age. Really like his pocket presence and awareness and poise.

Last year, his first as a starter, he gained confidence as the season went on. Of course, losing John Bivens to injury did not help his cause. Connor has the QB tools – just needs to refine them.

Alter football has been successful over the years, because of a strong option running game. QB Malik Zaire was a runner, but improved as a passer. Good enough for Notre Dame. Connor is a different type QB. Ahead in the passing phase, but needs to keep getting better.

Connor has some developmental time still ahead. Needs to improve his progression reads. Needs more and more reps in game conditions. Needs to get a better understanding of coverages. BUT he will be fine, because he wants to be good.

I understand that he offers on the table, which is good. After basketball, get a “plan.” Visit schools. Decide which schools really use a pocket type passer. Some schools will give “lip service” about changing their offense. Connor should not listen. Find the pocket passer type programs.

Finally, Connor needs to be patient. I believe that he is the top pure pocket passer in the 2019 Class. There are some other good ones, but Connor is more athletic.

In the game last night, Connor Meyer, also in the junior class at Bishop Alter, caught my attention. Listed 6’3-260, thought he ran the court well for his size. Thought that he worked hard. Needs to be more flexible in the upper body. No lack of toughness and hustle. Just the fact that is playing varsity basketball shows some athleticism.

Connor Meyer is one to watch this summer. Needs to lose some stiffness in his upper body. Height be an issue if he is not 6’3, but if he can move and use his hands to separate, he should be okay. Plays tough.

Archbishop Alter football is always good. Players like Connor Bazelak and Connor Meyer are the leaders next fall. I miss seeing John Bivens (2019). John is the best RB prospect in the 2019 Class, but is recovering from a very serious knee injury. I wish him well.


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