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Darrion Henry An MSR Top DE 2020 Class


After talking with recruiting reporters on his way out of O-State football camp, I was able to talk with Cincinnati Princeton’s DE Darrion Henry. All 6’5-260 pounds. The 2020 Class recruit was nothing but class.

In drills and in 1on1 competition, he was all class as well. He worked hard and listened to coaching. Liked his feet. Needs to keep working on his hands to disengage a blocker. Really like his agility. Good quick feet. Like his initial quickness off the ball.

Solid bender, but plays high at times. Correctable. Like most high school players, Darrion needs to be better at change at direction. His initial explosion into a defender makes up for playing high. Good hip explosion.

Watched his HUDL hi-lites and saw much of what I saw last Friday. On HUDL he had two picks off of tipped balls. Excellent awareness.

Although Darrion likes playing on the edge, he may have to move inside. Long and tall inside DTs are what coaches are looking for now. Darrion could be that guy. Trying to keep weight below 270. Uses his quickness at either position.

Looked really good in 1 on 1 drill. Quick feet. Aggressiveness. Quickness. I never put much stock in this drill, because the defensive man should win the majority of the time. No such thing as a win, but Darrion showed energy, toughness, and athleticism.

Really impressive in conversation. Articulate. Thinks before he answers questions. Talked about the recruiting process. How hard it is to determine the college coaches who are “for real,” and the ones who are dishonest. Talked about the football recruiting reporters and the job that they have to do. He enjoys the interviews to some extent. Carries a 3.3 GPA in the classroom.

Please do not make Darrion an offensive lineman. I am probably as guilty as most when I see 6’5 or taller players who can run and are athletic. Darrion stays on defense.

Offers from many of the major programs. Michigan, Penn State, Michigan State, Notre Dame, and Ohio State. Have a really good idea of where he may choose to play, but he could make no bad choice.

Darrion will be one of the top MSR players in the Class of 2020.



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