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November 27 – December 10 – Job Interviews Begin


The contact period for football recruiting begins November 27 and ends December 10.

College football recruiters are now out on the road visiting high schools.  Between November 27 thru December 10 can be a crazy and exciting time for both the high school coach and the prospects, as well as the college coach.

“Contact Period”A contact occurs any time a college coach says more than hello during a face-to-face contact with a high school football player or his or her parents off the college’s campus.

During a contact period a college coach may have face to face contact with high school football players or their parents, watch high school players compete and visit their high schools, and write or phone football players or their parents.

One note. College coaches are only to say “hello” to underclassmen. Underclassmen being the 2018, 2019, and 2020 Classes. Although the whole “bump rule” is always stretched and is a violation, college coaches do it. Underclassmen should not feel that the college is not “giving him enough attention or love.” Really seniors should be the center.

Most college coaches schedule at least a day or two ahead of the planned visiting day. If the high school coach can, he should tell the players involved. I really believe that the prospect should be aware of the visits ahead.

First, a prospect should try to be in school every day the month of December. He needs to be available to see or “bump” the college recruiter. This really applies to sophomores and juniors, as well as seniors. Coaches need to “eyeball” you. This is important for D-2 and D-3 schools, as well as D-1. Obviously, if a D-1 coach is coming with a potential “offer,” you can not miss the day.

Make it a practice during the month of December to be well groomed. Avoid the hoodies during class time. Lose the caps. Put your baggy clothes on hold for the month. Be well groomed. This is in a sense an “interview.”

As you approach the college coach do not slouch. Stand tall. Smile. Introduce yourself. As you talk with the coach, look him the eye and analyze him. As you talk, do not look down, look at him. Good idea to have  questions to ask him. Answer his questions. No “dah’s.” Do not “slobber” over the coach, regardless of what school he is from. Say ” thank you” – and “I am really glad to meet you.” Do not be intimidated!!!

Do not be negative about anything or anybody. Find something positive to say about an opposing high school, an opposing player, about your classes and teachers, and other colleges.

If your high school coach has not explained to your teachers why you may be missing class time to talk with college recruiters, you explain. You tell them what college coaches are coming in and the importance of the visit. DO NOT abuse the time out of class. Get back to class asap.

The rule allows you to meet face to face with the college coach. If it is your first time, do a lot of listening and have some questions in mind to ask him. If the coach has been communicating with you during the season definitely have prepared questions to ask. Be sure to ask about official visits and unofficial visits. Ask about offers. Have questions that will cover from now until signing date in February.

College coaches will have a check list of questions that they will go over with you. These will include “home visits.”

Underclassmen will also get the “eyeball” test from college recruiters, but not much more than that. With recruiting getting earlier and earlier, they should have your name on their list. But the time that college recruiters really start underclassmen recruiting is in January(most do not admit this) and in the spring. At this time, camps become a huge subject.

In recruiting, building relationships is what it is all about. If you are a senior, the initial steps have been made. More and more communication will follow. If you are an underclassman, December could be the very beginnings of building a relationship a coach.

December is a very important month in football recruiting. Be in school. Be positive about everything, including classes. Be well groomed. Be smart and do not “big time” any coach or any school. Lastly be ready for some fun times, some crazy times, and some disappointing times.

Good luck.

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