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Demeatric Crenshaw (2020) Top Dual Threat QB in Ohio


QB Demeatric Crenshaw (2020)  seems to have the “it” factor, and last night was really no different. Poor field conditions, a slight rain fall, and against a tough defense, he just got it done from his QB position.

Gahanna Lincoln played Pickerington Central, but Central’s defense came up with big plays on both sides of the ball.

Guessin 6’1-200, Demeatric just plays with a calmness. Even in warm-ups, he worked hard, but always was under control, with little rah-rah. I like that about him.

Just before halftime with a 3rd and 13, he hit Jaquwon Crawford for a 33 yard TD pass. On an earlier 3rd and 7, he hit Lorenzo Styles Jr with a short TD pass.

Really like his QB presence. Commands the huddle. Moves well in the pocket. Like the way he carries out fakes. Like his ability to make defenders miss. Finds the open receiver. Accurate passer.

Some concern about his passing skills. Watch almost every throw during warm-ups. Gets his feet set. Some hitch in his release, but correctable. Eyes always downfield. Throws on the run to either side. Can spin-it when he has when necessary. Best of all, he throws an accurate long ball.

Needs to continue to improve burst and 5th gear. But, he avoids tackles and no defender seems to run him down. Just believe that he needs to get into better physical condition over the next two years.

Makes big plays in tough situations. Watched him play against a team from Chicago. All he did was make big pass completions. Anyone who can be responsible for 7 touchdowns against Mentor in the State Championship Game, as a sophomore, should have some skills. And Demeatric has those skills, along with a ton of confidence.

The biggest thing for Demeatric on the next level (after next year) will be to get into the proper offensive fit. That could take him to a school like Cincinnati. A quarterback who can run, but throw well enough to win games.

For me, he is the top dual threat QB in Ohio. Although I am not aware what is out there nationally, I would hope that he is making some lists.

Enjoyed talking with him last spring. Good student and good character athlete, as well.

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