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Demeatric Crenshaw – Dual Threat QB – 2020 Class


Wednesday, I had a chance to speak with Pickerington Central’s Demeatric Crenshaw who will be a three year starter at quarterback for Pick Central.

Actually, I did not recognize him at first, because he has grown into a linebacker size QB. But, he may be best dual threat in the Ohio Class of 2020. Runs well and throws well enough to beat most teams. Guessin 6’2-220.

The most important part of his game is leadership, a skill that the good QB’s have to have. He has that, for sure. Leaderships comes natural to him. His leadership was evident his 10th grade year, when he lead the Tigers to winning the OHSAA State Championship.

Not a fast/fast runner, but escapes pressure in the pocket. Speed to make a play. Eyes always downfield. Finds the open receiver. Most importantly, he is accurate. Always has “big play” ability.

Demeatric, like so many athletes, considers his parents the reason for much of his success. They were and are the driving force. They keep him “on track.”

To him, his strongest character qualities are loyalty and honesty. I kind of get that in just talking and listening to him. The other day the leadership skills came were evident.

One of his favorite subjects is English. Really likes the communication skills part of English. Carries a 3.5GPA, but was disappointed in his ACT score. Plans are to study business. Ten years from now, if his NFL plans have not worked, he would like to own and run a sports gym.

I really like him as a dual threat quarterback. I like big strong QB’s who can take a hit. I like the ones who can escape the rush. I like ones capable of the big play. Of course, I like the natural leaders.

For him, getting faster will be huge. He needs to get with a program with an excellent QB coach who will improve his throwing motion and improve his arm strength. I like his accuracy, but that can also be improved.

The toughest decision for Demeatric will be choosing the school that will take him as a quarterback and show patience in improving his QB skills. He athletic enough to play another position. I could see him as a linebacker.

Kentucky, and Toledo are some of the early offers. Probably a “camp guy” for some schools.

Excited for him. Leadership skills will be his ticket.



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