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Devyn Byers 2019 Warrensville Heights


In the past, Warrensville Heights football has struggled with numbers, with wins, and in general, with the tough Lake Erie League.  Along came hard working, Desean Washington, the new head coach. Warrensville football has really improved.

Coach Washington has brought structure, including discipline, to the program. Also, he has stressed accountability among the team. Every summer, he makes the trip to Bucyrus High School to play in 7on7 competition. Watching his team last Saturday, I was impressed with all of the above.

One of the leaders of the team is QB Devyn Byers (2019). Guessin 6’1-215, he looks the part of a linebacker. But as the QB, he directs the team and does it well. Accurate passer, but needs to improve velocity. Needs to improve QB skills.

On HUDL, Devyn is more likely to beat a team with his feet, rather than arm. Understands coverage and can find the open receiver. Also capable of making a big play as a runner. Okay speed, but really athletic.

On the next level, he would be an excellent linebacker. Played some free safety as a freshman. Like his toughness. Needs to improve overall speed and quickness, but has the linebacker mentality. Try OLB first, but may be a better fit at ILB.

Wide receiver senior Jayvion Williams, guessin 6’4-180 was having a bad day catching the ball, but his HUDL hilites video is much better. Catches on the run. Catches with his hands away from his body. Like his willingness to block on the edge.

Jayvion needs to get bigger/stronger/faster. Good initial quickness, but needs to improve his burst. Needs to get better separation. Needs to improve concentration at times. But, as he improves, I really like his potential to play on the next level.

One junior to watch is OLB Nicholas McGee (2020). In the 7on7 competition, he played more of a man coverage on the TE, but will be a much better player in space. On HUDL, like his closing speed. Like his toughness getting to the football. Guessin 5’10, maybe 5’11.

Last spring as a sophomore, Nicholas ran a 15.1/110m hurdles and 42.2/300m hurdles. The speed is there, and now he must improve his burst. His senior year, he could be a defensive back. Needs to continue to develop, but should be fine. His brother who played RB at Bedford HS was one of the best in Ohio last year.

Coach Desean Washington is doing a good job  making Warrensville Heights football competitive in the always tough Lake Erie League .

Devyn, Jayvion, and Nick are all raw, but talented and are leading the way. Warrensville also has some sophomores. Like the direction  the program is moving.


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