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Dontay Hunter II – Hoops and Football


Cannot remember now, but I first met Dontay Hunter II his freshman year. Long and slender, but he could catch the football. Just was so tall. Now his 6’5-220(guessin).

He arrived late to the Westerville Central football program last fall. Late, as being on the first Monday of the first game. Eventually, he became a starter at defensive end. That is where I watched him last fall. Came off the edge well and had some toughness.

After watching him play hoops last night, I like him as a tight end. Gets up and down the floor. Played a solid defense. But he made a play where he caught the near the basket, coming off of a break. In the same motion, he put the ball in the cylinder. (hoops talk). Made the free throw.

Last fall, I thought that he had soft hands in warmups. Was playing some split end. But, as he grows and gets stronger, he would look good at TE. Also a solid blocker on the edge. Of course, DE is a possibility, as well, since he did make 2nd team All-Ohio at DE.

Body and control and the ability to run and change direction. He does it now, but needs to get better. Good hands.

I understand Dontay has some “offers,” now. More will be sure to come.

I like his attitude. Told him that he has to show more emotion, but I like his quiet confidence.

Only a sophomore. Get into college summer camps. Work in the strength program. Really believe that Dontay has a very bright future.


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