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Dontay Hunter II – TE/DE – Class of 2019


First watched Dontay Hunter II coming out of his freshman year. Last year, he played for Columbus DeSales High School. This year, as a junior, he is the starting defensive end for Westerville Central.

Dontay Hunter II - TE/DE Westerville Central - 2019
Dontay Hunter II – TE/DE
Westerville Central – 2019

Guessin 6’4-230. He will need to get bigger/stronger/faster. Like his speed, but like every prospect, he always can be faster. Plays basketball, which helps with agility and quickness. A good basketball player, by the way.

As a defensive end  can neutralize the blocker and has the strength and leverage to get off the block. Good hands to separate from blocker. Like his athleticism. Stays on his feet and gets to the ball. Good initial quickness off ball. Gets to the QB.

Although he has some played some wide receiver, I really like him as a tight end. Good hands. Like his ability to find the opening. At 6’4-230, he has the size. Like him as a blocker, as well.

Blocks effectively on the 2nd level. Also stays with his blocks. Needs to bend better, but that should be no problem. Needs to play lower and make better use of his power angles.

Plays DE for Westerville Central. Tough and aggressive. Eventually, I can see him lining at tight end. Especially on the next level. Regardless of offense or defense, he is playing and playing well.

Like his attitude. Plays hard. He understands what it takes to play on the next level.

Dontay Hunter II gets it. Looking forward to watching him grow and get better.

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  1. Donovan

    October 24, 2017 at 9:13 pm

    MY brother is sweet at football and I can’t wait till I’m better than him -donovan hunter(little bro)


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