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Early Signing Period – Approved


After the proposal was released in April, college football’s early signing period for recruits in December is now official.

The new college football early signing period for the Class of 2018 will run from December 20 to 22. The signing period will last 72 hours. Players who choose to sign early can take official visits after their senior year of high school begins. After this year the official visit period will be moved to April during a prospect’s junior year.

Players will still have the choice to wait until the first Wednesday of February. This period runs until April 1. This one is the traditional one.

An early question that I have is how much will this change the excitement and sometimes silliness of the days leading up to signing date and the actual signing date on Wednesday. Of course, that may depend on how many recruits sign early and how many wait until February. The two signing periods will really effect  media and the recruiting cult.

A positive – Many prospects have an idea of where they want to play college football after their football season there senior year. The constant calls and texts get really tiresome and get to be a pain. This will give them some certainty about where they will play college football. Of college programs will get that same certainty.

Hopefully, I will have time to look at the positive and negatives later, but for now college football recruits will be able to sign letters of intent between December 20-22. Of course they are binding the same as they are



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