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Enjoyed My Ohio State Practice This Morning


Really enjoyed the Ohio State spring football practice this morning. So much fun to watch the development of the Ohio kids that I have evaluated and have written about in their high school days.

I broke two rules that Coach Urban Meyer has regarding attending an Ohio State football practice. One – no cell phones or pictures. Two – no comments about practice.

Rule number one – No phones, videos, or pictures during practice please.

Other than checking the time, occasionally, I had my cell phone out once. Wanted to take a picture of DJ Gatewood to emphasize the importance of prospects trying to make it to a practice. Not necessarily just an O-State practice, but any college  practice within driving distance.

High school football players need to see the size and, more importantly, the speed of college football players. So big and strong. So fast. To add one more. So focused. Instead of reading about college players or watching them on the flat screen, high school players need to see them for real.

High school players to watch the intensity in practice. Coach Meyer has rules about talking to players and coaches during practice and, of course, he should. That rule is a no-brainer.

I saw and talked to some other high school players along the sidelines. In fact, did some work and found out more on two sophomores from Wooster High School. They were not there, but their coaches were. Also met a young freshman running back from Mifflin High School.

Building relationships in what I do is always huge. So important for everybody. Trust me, I work the sidelines.

Number two – Once practice is over, please do not post on the internet any observations made while at OSU’s practice.

Amazed how fast the time went. Players were always hustling and always on the move. High tempo.

Other than a break once in a while, everything was go-go-go. A lot of reps for everybody. Seemed everybody got involved.

Assistant coaches and support staff were working hard and always praising or correcting players.

Coach Meyer opened one side of the field for high school coaches, players, and parents. Few – just fans. We were treated professionally and acted the same way.

No talking to players or coaches. Everybody followed this rule. And they should.

O-State is not the only school in the country that follows this format and policy. I would guess that most of the bigger programs do. I  just was impressed the whole operation and the learning environment that was evident.

I enjoyed my morning watching O-State practice. I appreciated the opportunity. One thing I promise you – the Ohio high school players who I watched in high school DO grow up to be cowboys. Impressed with them.





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