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Evan Prater – MSR Top QB 2020 Class


Last night at the Roger Bacon – Wyoming basketball game, I texted UC head football coach, Luke Fickell, with a picture of Wyoming quarterback Evan Prater. My first time watching Evan play hoops. The UC football staff, including Coach Fickell, I am guessing, have seen a few.

Evan Prater is the top quarterback prospect in the Ohio Class of 2020. Guessin 6’4, but listed 6’5 – 190. Long and slender. Will need to get bigger/stronger. Needs to really develop his core muscles. But he is tougher than his measurables. I saw that last year on the football field.

I do not know how his basketball recruiting is going, but he can play hoops. Really quick first step. Excellent body control. Can go to either side. Touch around the basket. Can shoot the three. Plays pretty good defense. Slows the game down. Best of all he is a leader, not so vocal, but more do by example. Enough about basketball.

Last year, and I tell college coaches all of the time, I really liked his toughness on the field. Really slight frame, but took some hits and kept coming back for more. Runs the ball well. Good burst. Tough to get a direct hit on him. Liked his poise under pressure, but he could pull it down and run. Also ran some option.

Thought that his arm strength was solid. When he planted his feet and stepped into the throw, he could “spin-it.” Accurate passer. Found the open receiver. Understands coverage.

Really believe his leadership is huge. Thought that again last night. Like his QB-swagger. Just enough. Shows some emotion after a good play. Not only a play made by him, but also a play made by a teammate. Evan has the quiet confidence that all competitors must have. The emotion is real.

His coach, Aaron Hancock, has very, very little negative to say about his junior quarterback. “Super leader. Competitive. Talented. Excellent decision maker. The players take his leadership, because of his talents and the respect that they have for him. The best part, Evan is not a ‘me-me’ guy. Just very focused and wants to win at anything he does. ”

Evan is still learning and raw in some areas with regards to quarterbacking, but the sky is the limit for him. Excellent future. Cincinnati is recruiting him hard. Michigan State and Purdue are two other schools who have offered. The list is growing and will continue to do so.

Really wish Evan well. So talented, but a better leader. By the way, more and more of his focus going into the summer is on being the best quarterback in Ohio and throughout the country. I wish him well.



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