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First Step – Meet With Your Football Coach


A new year has begun. Football recruiting will be getting more intense. Actually, not just for the Class of 2020. The very first move to make as a player is to meet with your high school football coach.

Before I do much with any high school football player whom I feel is a possible college prospect, I try to contact his high school football coach. Usually through a text, I ask if him if he can take a call sometime from me.

Almost always the coach will get back to me. Either with a text or a phone call. I really appreciate his doing that for me. Fortunately, I know most of the head football coaches. Many I have seen my work and trust me. Trust is huge.

The coach and I need to have some of the same thoughts about a prospect’s potential. Whether we agree or not, the dialogue is really important.

Through communicating the head coach, I also learn some things about the recruit. Hopefully, things that can help me better evaluate him. Some of the highs and lows of the recruit’s life helps. Academics help. The recruit’s own expectations are huge. Overall attitude. Other sports. Oh – I almost forgot parents. The list can go on.

The recruit’s expectations are important. Where does he see himself? Does he love football? How do the parents fit in with the prospect’s future.

With HUDL video evaluation, I like to see what the coach sees. His input helps, but it is my job to be honest when posting his hi-lites on MSROHIO.com.

Just as I do, I feel communication between the head football coach and prospect is important. Really important. If there is bad feelings there for whatever reason or reasons, try to work thru it. Put those feelings aside. To me, the most important thing for a prospect is to make the effort. He should his part. If this effort fails, at least the recruit has done is part.

Beginning now, a high school player who believes that he can be, or who wants to be a college football player needs to sit down with his head football coach to get a feel for what the coach sees him as a prospect. The coach should be honest with him. The coach should be able to share his thoughts to the recruit. If anything, at least the coach knows what the prospect is thinking. Of course, it works the other way as well.

Do not ask the coach what level that you can play. That is a tough question. The coach may give the prospect an answer, but that question always worries me. Ask how to improve. As the coach to help with a “game plan.”

Bottom line – the very first thing that I would do as a college prospect, is meet with your head football coach. To me, the coach needs to know each of his players intentions. He needs to know what the parents think.

Forgot one point – If the head coaching position is open, talk to your athletics director about who you should speak to for answers. Just be sure to cover “your butt.” Go thru the right chain.

If all else fails, send me an email. I get them everyday. I have ten since Friday. I will do the best that I can. But, of course, I will contact the coach or the athletics director. I believe in proper procedure.

The best to you. By the way, I feel that a prospect can do this on any grade level. 9th-12th

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