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Football Camps – Most are Good.


Camps – camps – camps. Everywhere there are camps of all sizes and all kinds. Colleges on campus. Colleges spreading themselves all over. High schools hosting college camps. Private camps with and without college coaches.

I received an email just today asking my for help in promoting a private camp that raises money for research to help cure disease. Attendance has been down the last three years. Even though D3 schools work the camp, the camp attendance is down. Simply too many conflicting camps.

I have been asked to endorse or appear at four different camps. One for sure will be the Devin Smith and Doran Grant camp in early July at Paul Brown Tiger Stadium. I have known and respected both young men since high school. More of a payback to them for all they have done. That is the only reason for me to be at that camp.

Before I get to far, I believe in football camps. Contrary to the guy on twitter who provides his expertise(??) on camps –  the biggest percent of camps are good. Anytime that a player of any age has a chance to learn and to get better – it is good.

My biggest concern is the cost. A national camp goes through Ohio every summer. They are charging 400-500 dollars for four days. Just too much money. The recruiting process is discussed and there is classroom work. At the same time that is just too much money.

A Columbus city school head football coach told me years ago to charge $40. When I asked him why, his comment was that dads will give their son two – $20’s and send them to the camp.

I have not asked the high school coaches in Ohio who are hosting football camps where college coaches can attend “why they are doing it?” Hard for me to comment, because I do not know the reasoning. In two weeks, I will have an answer.

I cannot believe that college coaches will do much instruction. Maybe 30 minutes. Obviously, no school will have a full staff at a high school site. They will not have a full staff at a small college staff. That would be expensive. I am guessin 30 minutes – then walk around and evaluate.

Hosting the “satellite side show” gives prospective college players a chance to be evaluated. Honestly, more than just skills, I would think that a good evaluator will be just as concerned about the measurable, the work ethic, and character.

Hard for me to believe that if a player really likes a certain “Power 5” school, he would focus on spending one full day at that university. A bad day at a “satellite side show,” could hurt his chances to get to the big show. Of course, the opposite could hold true.

I do not want to “burst” any recruit’s dream, but try to realistic. The recruiting thought process has changed at Ohio State. But the best bet for a Ohio player is to attend one of the three one day camps at Ohio State. Mid American coaches are there. Most complete staffs are there. Tons of exposure.

If you believe that you are an Ohio State recruit, I will check my own list, and if you are not on that list – good luck. If OSU tells your coach that you are a “camp offer,” work hard. Pay attention in “Friday Night Lights” in Columbus. Do not bet the house, just yet.

Underclassman if possible, get to a MAC satellite camp in your area. Save money. Save travel. Get better. Compete. Get exposure. I will tell you one MAC satellite camp to not waste your time and money. They are egos are way too inflated.

The NCAA just tabled the “Satellite silliness,” because Nick Saban thought that he reacted too quickly. The SEC is going to try to make some changes for next summer.  Next year, there will be travel rules, I am guessin. But the NCAA will have to wait to see what the SEC wants to do.

If you are a player who wants to play football in some level of college, get to some camps. If you are at best a D3 player, still go to some camps. Use the time to get better, to compete, and to get exposure. Also have fun.

In 28 years of this football business, I have tried to not take myself too seriously. I try not to be an authority, because I am not. Every player has to do with what he feels most comfortable.






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