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I have been doing some “Johnny do-jobs” the last two weeks. Since I am a widower – no more “honey-do” jobs. However, I have plenty to do. But I am actually getting back into high school football stuff. This is good for me.

For the most part, college football camps are over for the summer. With the NCAA “Dead period” into effect, all for D1 college programs are done. However, there will be just few after the dead period.

The work of internet media football recruiting sites seems to never end. Obviously, much more advanced that in my day. My day – when Joey Galloway was one of the prospects on my mag cover. My day – when Tom Lemming, a mail deliverer was the “guy” among football recruiting reporters.

A  chest bump to Ohio State recruiting reporter – Bill Kurelic. He has been doing his football recruiting business for just over 30 years. Actually, he began the business one year before I started. After I became disillusioned writing for Allen Wallace of “Super Prep,”  Bill wrote for him.Wallace was a “trip.” Bill and I could share many little battles that we had in the early years.

But Bill has stayed with it over all of these years. Calling prospects over and over and over. Asking the same questions over and over and over would seem to get old and old and old. He makes “good money and gets face time” reporting on football recruiting. Of course, it makes sense, but he does concentrate on O-State.

My friend Dave Berk was somewhat of a pioneer in the football recruiting business, as well. Dave was a good writer, but was more into actually evaluating prospects. As time went along, the recruiting sites were more concerned with reporting and writing than actually evaluating. Eventually Scout and Dave parted ways. Dave still is highly involved with football recruiting, but is more into helping high school players.

There are other football recruiting reporters out there. They report on players who have been offered and ones whom college coaches tell them about. Whenever a prospect gets an offer, the powers to be want that prospect covered. This might be one of the “hassles.” If a prospect reports that he has an offer, then a reporter has to cover it.

Another problem that has always concerned me is when reporters evaluate a prospect and then rank him in Ohio and then nationally. I question their ability to evaluate and rank Ohio prospects. All I see are the rankings of the 24/7 website and they seem to dominate.  Where a prospect ranks with 24/7 is so misleading, but media outlets all over Ohio seem to use them.

Misleading – Most of the time if a recruit is an O-State recruit, he will get ranked higher. If OSU is high on his list, he might get ranked higher. I get it because the fan base for OSU recruiting is one of the tops in the country. Getting fans to the OSU sites is where the money is. Ranking O-State prospects high makes money.

Misleading – I do not know how the list are made now. Anything I say would not be factual,  so I will “say nothing.” But a few years ago three people sat down and made an Ohio list. Naturally, they had favorites. “Keep my area of the state represented.” I question that selection process.

Recruiting is about building relationships, and I do the same thing with evaluating players. Relationships are important. “Off the record,” is huge for me. Prospects trust me, because they know I will not print or make private comments – public. Recruiting reporters have nothing on me, when it comes to privacy. That goes with college coaches as well.

Many college coaches, both assistants and head coaches, have their “boy.” Having a contact or contacts is probably necessary in the college football recruiting world. When I was in that business many years ago, I got inside information from the coaches. In turn I provided the college coaches with inside information about a certain recruit. No social media or recruiting sites back then. I was a “boy.” They did have color television sets, however. (Humor)

With twitter becoming more and popular, recruits use twitter to release their commitment. Some use it to announce every time they receive an offer. Some of the “let me be first” has been taken away from recruiting reporters. No longer can a reporter bribe a propect to let him be “the first.”

After one OSU summer camp day, I was walking out of camp and saw seven reporters (including a newspaper writer and one TV sports reporter) doing an interview with Cincinnati Princeton’s (2020) D-Lineman, Darrion Henry . Wonderful for the media. Wonderful for the prospect. I spoke with him after the media interview. said it  and went okay, and he did not mind it. Everybody needs a profit, but did it help his recruiting.

Much and more happened to Fairfield’s Jack  Carman. The media and Under Armour did him no favors. At the time, he thought so, but I wonder how he feels now. Jack was a better prospect coming out of his sophomore year. I like him, but his story bothers a person like me.

Urban Meyer joked with me last year, about his remembering when I was one of the three guys across the country that was credible in the football recruiting world. Nice compliment!

One of the things I tried to do back then was to make sure that all players who were considered college prospects were written about. Not just O-State recruits. Whether he went to OSU, Michigan, Michigan State, or any other school, I tried to treat recruits with the same publicity. For me it was all about Ohio kids, not just Ohio State recruits.

I enjoy talking with Columbus based Marc Givler. Every since Marc started in the business, he has worked hard to get better. For one thing, he travels and seems to be everywhere. He knows his Ohio State stuff. Of course, we do not always agree on evaluations, but he does work hard.

Congrats to Bill Kurelic for his longevity in the football recruiting business. Living in the Columbus area and his loyalty to the Buckeyes have helped him over the years. Plus, his persistent approach has been and continues to be unreal.

Internet media recruiting reporters are needed for the cult that is really into recruiting. Some about the “fake news” and the over rating and under rating of college recruits. Also would like to see more on non OSU recruits.

For me, I will just try to hang on and emulate guys like Mark Porter, the most knowledge man in the business. I am more into evaluations and helping to promote college football prospects. How hard is to call a prospect and say things like – How did your visit go?”



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