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Football Recruits – Beware of Fake News


Saturday morning, busy day. Heading to Hilliard later this morning. But I have to get my thoughts out there. My thoughts on talking with football recruiting reporters, whether it be 24/7, Rivals, or Land of Ten. As a recruit, please listen. I know sometimes parents, coaches, players and football recruiting reporters can be huge, but please listen.

First. Recruiting reporters make their living by getting readers to their website. They do articles on the higher profiled high school football players. Higher profiled! If a recruit is not getting much love from college coaches, then he will  probably will not get not get much love from a football recruiting reporter. A reporter’s job depends on getting readers to the site.

Second. If a recruit gets an “offer,” however bogus this offer is, a recruiting reporter will have to check out the fake news offer. Again, that is his job. Promise you, the more offers, the more attention that a recruit will get. Of course, even though most of these offers are noncommittable, the more offers – the more attention.

Third. If O-State is even mentioning a recruit’s name, 24/7, Rivals, or Land of Ten will be contacting a recruit. Because OSU recruiting has such a huge following, even the sound of new possible offer, brings out the FRR. I get it, because it is their job. That’s their job.

Fourth. If a recruit has offers from say an Alabama, or a Michigan, or a Penn State, and O-State has yet to offer, watch out. The recruit will get at least 10 questions – why? I mean this is huge reading material for OSU recruiting fans. They have to know – why not the Buckeyes? Or, if a football recruit has more than the Buckeyes on his list – why?

Fifth. When I began working with the football recruiting business almost 30 years ago, I did what FRR do now. Bill had me by a year. Bill is still doing a good job with what he does. I went to more of a college business, because anyone can ask recruits questions. No challenge for me. At the time, and still feel this way – an FRR does a lot of ground work, but how hard is it to ask – how did your visit go? who are your favorite schools? why this school? who has offered? and on and on. These are usually followed up with “when you decide let me break it first.”

I am not throwing FRR’s under the bus. They have a job to do. Although, the number of FRR’s seem to be getting smaller, they are still needed to help get exposure for football recruits. Exposure – not evaluations. Exposure – not rankings. Exposure – not fake news.

My point for this blog is simple. Football recruit learn to handle FRR’s

If you are a football recruit, a higher profiled recruit, you do not have to “spill” all of your thoughts and feelings about what schools you like. Do not get caught up in talking about O-State, and lead into almost begging for firm offer. . Most high school players in Ohio grow up wanting to be a Buckeye. Most, that is. Problem – some cannot play at O-State now under Urban Meyer’s national focus. It is what it is. If the Buckeye staff really wants an Ohio, he will know it. Don’t plead for an offer.

Back to communicating with FRR’s. If you are a recruit, again, do not go into so much detail with what college coaches are telling you. They have to say all of the right things. If you do not have an offer from that school, do not plead your case by telling about all that was said.

What they tell is “old news.” College coaches have it memorized. They give you the “canned” answers. Of course, they are going to tell you that they like you. If you are not high on their list, they will sugar coat the “brown sugar.” So much “smoke.” Really try to sort to find the most logical stuff.

“Come to camp.” This covers all behinds. “Come to camp. This offer is based on how well that you do in camp.” So many “we like you,” and “come to camp” comments get old. I will do a blog on “offers,” in April.

I read the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Dispatch, and Dayton Daily News almost every day on my tablet. The only recruiting site I look at is Land of Ten.

I can only look at so many football recruiting articles until I just shake my head. I really believe that the recruit should be in charge. Tell writers and college coaches just enough information. You do not have to tell them all of your thoughts on recruiting. You do not have to tell college coaches all of your thoughts about recruiting. A football recruit does not have to be intimidated. Period.

I am a “kid’s guy.” They know that they can trust me. I respect them. Kids do not have to bend to college coaches or FRR’s.

The best to football recruits. Most know that I am always in their corner. Whether I agree with them or not, I will always be honest with them. No fake news with “offers.” I have been in this business long enough to understand the real news from the fake news.


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