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FS Jamar Payton 2021 Prospect Dunbar HS


First time that I watched Jamar Payton from Dayton Dunbar High School was in 7on7 competition. Liked his athleticism at free safety. Good size, guessin 6’2-180.

In 7on7 competition, of course, no tackling. After watching his HUDL Hi-lites and watching him last Thursday night, he will hit and he will finish tackles. His aggressiveness and physicality are two of his strengths. One of his favorite players is the retired Troy Polamalu, former NFL strong safety for the Steelers. Makes sense.

He credits his mom and dad for the influence that they have been to him.

Jamar is excellent on run support from the free safety position. He will strike the ball.  He needs to get bigger/stronger, which will improve his speed. He has the frame to add good weight. He told me that he will run track this spring, which will help him, as well. Former basketball player.

He needs to improve his initial quickness and overall speed. Jamar says much the same thing. He feels that he needs to improve his strength and speed. Does play some wide receiver, but has the mentality of a defender.

As far as strengths, he believes that he is physical and will tackle. Also believes that he can read and diagnose plays and passing schemes. He studies the HUDL videos in his free time.

Jamar attacks everyday life the same way. Likes the “laid-back” life style. But when it comes to competing, he love the challenge. Not only in sports, but in almost everything he does. I see that just in talking with him.

Like so many young athletes, Jamar is making up or lost time in the classroom. Got off to a slow start, but is working hard to get back on track. Jamar will be fine. Biology is one of his favorite classes.

The best thing about football for him is, as one could guess – “the physicality of the game.” The worst thing is that “you never know what  is going to happen.” He went on to say, that he has to stay focused and be smart and react to every play.

Advice to a freshman – keep working hard to get better. A 9th grader never knows when his chance will be there.

He mentions UC, Michigan, and Kentucky, when talking about colleges. Early in the recruiting process for Jamar, but he should make some “College Camp” plans this spring. Camps will be important. His name is out there.

Jamar’s ceiling is high. He is physical. Plays smart. Plays downhill. Good ball skills. Anticipates well. Frame to get bigger/stronger, which will increase his overall speed. But he must stay focused. He must be competitive in the classroom. He must be competitive in the “off-season workouts.”

The best to another Dayton Dunbar college prospect.




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