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Gage Keys DE Hilliard Davidson 2020


Had a chance to watch Hilliard Davidson’s Gage Keys(2020) in a scrimmage against Findlay during preseason. Gage is a 6’5-230 defensive end. Only a junior, but with loads of potential.

For me, he is an eventual 6’5-275+ offensive lineman who could be huge when he plays college D1 football. Athletic. Good initial quickness. Bends. Believe that he a Toledo offer.

For Gage, he is a 6’5 post player in basketball first and foremost. Football is his second sport. Last year I saw him play basketball and he ran the court. Okay shooter. I have enough trouble evaluating football prospects, let alone trying evaluate basketball prospects. Gage loves hoops.

For me, projecting a player’s potential on the next level is what I do. And I do what I feel is best for a young man. Obviously, I am not an expert, and I am not trying to controversial. But I guess right, more than wrong.

For Gage. Gage’s dad played basketball at Wake Forest. Gage has grown up with a basketball in his hands. I get it and good for him.

Watching him play defensive end, he has good initial quickness off the ball. Needs to improve speed getting to the QB. But he finishes. Thought he was athletic and a natural bender. Good base. Thought he played to the whistle.

Really like his frame and get “bigger/stronger” potential. Like his ability to move his feet laterally. Long arms. Can lock out. Like his OL temperament. Plus, he plays football for Brian White who is one of the most disciplined, no nonsense high school coaches around. Excellent coach.

Choosing between college football and another college sport is tough for any young man. Really tough. Being happy and enjoying life is what it is all about, especially in those college years. Football recruits get caught up in not really “buying in” once they get to college. Happens a lot. When they “buy in,” they usually are successful.

No problem for me as to what decision Gage Keys makes. (Who am I ? and I mean – who am I”). His contentment is the thing.

The possible problem for any athlete making such a tough choice is that  they have “buy in” on the high school level. The junior year is important for any athlete who wants to play college football on the top level.

As you can see, this blog is more than just about Gage Keys. But I do wish him the best in his choice of sports. And I will say, he has the potential to be a very good football recruit. Offensive line, of course.




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