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Get to a D2 Football Game


Great fall afternoon and even better evening for football. Actually heading to Bellevue to watch the Bellevue – Norwalk football game. Want to see the big offensive lineman from Norwalk.

Trey Leroux is listed at 6’7- 285. Only a junior. Watched him in the cold late October last fall. No competition for him and he did not play well. He is a D-1 prospect. Size alone gets him some “looks” from the BCS schools.

This blog is not about Trey. It is about the seniors who after five high school football games are not getting any further “love” from the D1 college programs. No contacts. No communication. No nothing, period.

My suggestion is to contact some D2 schools. Ohio and Michigan have a bunch of D2 schools. Let them know that you are interested in coming to one of their games as a recruit. The best move is to have your high school football coach call the school. Or really anybody involved with school. Your parents? Well maybe. But so much better for a school person.

Get to a D2 school football game. See just what kind of football that they play. See what type of players that they have on their team. See what types of transfers that they have. It will surprise you.

The skill level and size will surprise you. I believe in D2 football. The level of play has improved immensely. The biggest reason may be the “trickle down” effect. By that I mean BCS schools are becoming more and more selective. The Mid American schools in Ohio are looking across the country for top high school football players. No longer are they “fixed” on Ohio players. More Ohio kids need to look at D2 in order to continue playing.

NFL scouts stop by the D2 schools all of the time. Every week. Only takes one NFL guy to like you.

Last Saturday, I was at the Bowling Green/Miami game for a half. Saw a lot of high school recruits across the field. I mean maybe 75. Not because it was BGSU, but at any school, most of those recruits will be D2 or D3. I mean when it comes crunch time, most of those in attendance will not get the real “offer.”

This tells me that D2 football is where most high football senior recruits should focus. Not D3. I really believe that just about any senior recruit could be a on a D3 football team. Maybe not as a starter, maybe not as a back up, but he could be on the team.

I get HUDL Hi-lite videos now. If you are not a certain speed or pass the eyeball measurements, making  a team will be hard. If you can not run – chances of playing BCS are slim. They are slim! Actually the chances of D2 are just okay.

Last year, I believe something like 127 Ohio players signed D1 scholarships. Ohio State took four. Of course, I never agreed with Urban Meyer’s philosophy and never will. But he is making a lot of money, and I am returning aluminum cans. Only 127 Ohio kids!!

If you are an Ohio high school senior football player and still looking for that D1 “love,” and you are not getting any interest, probably too late. It is what it is. Now I am not an expert like Mark Porter who says that if you come away from a camp “with no offer,” you are not going to get one. I am not that sure of that comment.

I am trying to get Ohio high school seniors to check out D2 football. Another school to check out is Urbana.

In no way am I trying to be negative about a player hoping to get a BCS offer. It is reality. They are just so hard to get. PLUS, if you, as a senior, are not in communication with a BCS school, the very best to getting to the D1 level.

Finally, ask your high school football coach, or any coach that you have confidence in, to make some connections. But make the effort.

GET to a D 2 game.


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