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DeaMonte Trayanum 2020 RB/LB MSR Top 5


One of the top football recruits in the Ohio Class of 2020 is Akron Hoban’s DeaMonte  Trayanum . Whether he plays linebacker or running back, he is an MSR top guy. Last night I watched him compete and also chatted with him before the district track meet started.

Guessin 5’11(may be a little taller), but at least 210. Plus he is put together. Looks the part and is the part. Also like his presence and the way he carries himself.

Last fall, he played on both sides of the ball – linebacker and runningback.

As a linebacker, he has tremendous closing speed. A really physical tackler. Punishing. Reads his keys and gets to the football. Needs to improve his change of direction. Improve his hip flexibility. Gets thru traffic and always makes plays.

Really like him as a running back. Although he is a very strong inside runner, he has the deceptive speed to get to the outside. Once to the outside, he has 5th gear. At least, fast corners could not catch him from behind. Breaks tackles and is always going forward. Can make the first guy miss. Good balance.

In the big picture, he will play on either side of the ball in college. He wants a shot at runningback. With his combined speed, burst, size, and physicality, he will make money someday as a linebacker. Just so physical and smart.

Last night, I really liked his leadership. Ran the 100m, I believe 11.1, but he ran both the 4×100 and the 4×200. I am not for sure, if those teams move on. As I watched him, he has his teammates respect.

No stranger to the library. Carries a 3.9 at Hoban HS. Really interested in marine biology or some higher level computers. Grades are huge for him. His younger sister is huge for him. Wants to be a role model for her. With what I see, he is off to a good start.

A Hoban spokesperson told me that he is considered one of the top students in the sophomore class.

Grades are huge for his single mom, as well. Works in the ER section at one of the hospitals. Works the 6PM – 6 AM shift.

We really did not talk about the dreaded “offers,” but I have read and heard that he has them from everybody, including the top schools in the country. Did not ask him about favorite schools.

Really just tremendous football prospect coming out of Akron Hoban HS. Good character, good grades, and really a good football recruit. One of the top five in the Ohio 2020 Class.

The best to DeaMonte on the field, in the classroom, and with the craziness of football recruiting. Definitely see a Hoban game this fall.


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