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Hi-lite video – Ready to Email



For college coaches, actually watching a prospect play in person is huge. They get a chance to use the “eyeball test.” They get a chance to watch him run. They get a chance to watch effort. And honestly, they get a chance to show the prospect that they have some interest.

But to get a more complete evaluation, the complete recruiting staff watches video. This makes the creation of a season hi-lite video really important. Sad, but some college recruiters only watch hi-lite video and not full game tape.. Good for the prospect, but not necessarily good for the college program.

Like most cases, you do not really have to pay to have a highlight video made. The prospect, with a parent or a coach, with patience, can do it. The HUDL program really makes it easy to do. Save your money.

Is it too late to send video. No! I know the college assistant coach is really busy and may not have the time at that moment. But, in many programs, someone or more than one person sees a player’s hi-lite video before the position coach sees it. Really never too late.

If you are a senior, getting the video out now, may be a little late. If you are coming off a really good year and maybe get All-District or All-Ohio, get the video ready. Maybe a D-1 school for some reason was not aware of your accomplishments, or a D-2 was not, as well. Seeing your name on an “All- Whatever List” may invite interest.

Also, maybe a college’s first choices have not worked out. As recruiters go down the board, they may request more video from you. Be ready. Not too late.

If you are an underclassman, your hi-lite video is important. But take your time. Make sure your video is done correctly. Do not waste a college evaluator’s time with a lot of “fluff.” Most college evaluators can look at 25 plays and easily see, if they want to keep following the prospect. College coaches and evaluators do not have the time to look at 50+ plays. Plus, many will just shut it down.

Be sure to have your full name (including a nickname); your school: your position; your measurables; your GPA someplace where it is easily viewable. I put measurables and GPA on the list, because time can be saved. Prospects and parents and the high school coach sometimes are guilty of exaggerating those numbers. Even though wrong numbers are good for publicity, college coaches get really upset if a prospect has “fudged” grades and height/weight. Honestly, it embarrasses just about everybody.

Not too late. Once your season is over, get it done. Only takes one coach or to like you. Never too late.



The above video is good. The only suggestions would be to put up your measurables and GPA someplace on the hi-lite.

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