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HUDL Highlight Video – Start Early


16 mmI would guess that if you are over 60 years old and played high school football, you have an idea of what the picture is about. If you are under 55, you not have a clue, if you played high school football. Another trip to the past.

HUDL has changed the whole video process. They have done a good job in all areas with video. Guess that it beats the old 16 millimeter film and projector.

Focus on the team. And all of the college recruiting stuff will take care of itself. I say that and believe that thought. But as the opposite colored jersey scrimmages begin next Tuesday, August 9, getting your highlight video started is really important. Huge!

As you study the HUDL video, not only from the team viewpoint, but also from your individual performance, start making notes. Whether you write them on paper or just remember them, make notes. Study the game.

As this time, I would also start my highlight video. Start storing all of the good plays that you made. Really, the number of plays does not matter, because you will edit them in the end. How many you keep for “old times sake,” does not matter. At season’s end, colleges need to see 25-30 plays.

Do these highlights while the game, or in the early season – scrimmage, is fresh in your mind. If you wait until after two or three games, you may rush your choices. Get started early. Plus you can compare and see the improvement.

Most colleges want to see highlights your first three games. At this time, you will either get move love the college coach, or they will gradually drop you off their board.

I would note, as well,  you will need to remember your best games. If a college coach needs or wants to see more, he will request “full” game tapes. Not all coaches or staffs do this, because they are too busy or too lazy to watch full games. They feel that a HUDL highlight video is enough.

Do not get up in dressing up your highlight video. A recruiting service a few years would play music, advertise on the video, and even have fancy borders. College coaches do not care about all that crap. They want to see you perform.

Be sure that colleges get your edited highlight video. The one that you are responsible for. A few years ago, Maty Mauk, from Kenton HS, only sent his own highlight video to colleges. A recruiting service took plays from other Kenton prospects that included Mauk, and made their own Maty Mauk highlight video. Their video did not do justice to Mauk.

On your video – put just the basic profile information. Name – School – Measurements – GPA – Contact information is helpful. Most college programs may have it, but it would not hurt to add the info.

Actually, if you are a freshman or underclassman on the junior varsity, learn how to make a highlight video. Get the experience. I actually get underclassman highlights. I will not post them unless they are varsity highlights. But it is how I first saw a 9th grade DB from Dublin Scioto HS. He is a player!!

I really believe that getting started on your HUDL highlight video is important. Do not hire someone or spend money to get it done. You do. Find a coach who is willing to help. Be sure your help is competent.

Good luck getting started. Obviously, remember you have to play well first.


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