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Isaiah Murphy QB to Watch 2019 Class


Back doing a little coaching yesterday at Walnut Ridge High School in Columbus. Worked with quarterback Isaiah Murphy (2019).

Never played quarterback in high school. But, I must say that I was one of the best touch football QB’s in my day. Of course, the rushers had to count to 3.

When I first saw Isaiah, going into his sophomore year, he played like a freshman. He just was not very fundamentally sound. Told him that I would like to work with him sometime.

That sometime was yesterday. He is now going into his senior year. But has put in the work and has really improved. Still needs to work on over striding, but he is starting to get it. Actually looked good by the end of the work out.

We spent a lot of time on his follow thru.  All quarterback coaches have different thoughts on the follow thru with the passing arm. I believe that it comes through to the opposite groin area. This natural for him.

I talked about the importance of strong core muscles. This where the rpm’s come from. Strong core muscles are important for all football players, but especially quarterbacks.

Isaiah is listed 6’4-210. Long arms with big hands. Understands coverages. Finds the open receiver. Makes good decisions with the football ball.

His 3.7 GPA and 23 ACT score probably helps him play smart. Member of the National Honor Society. Wants to play college football, but academics are huge for him. Mention some Ivy League schools.

I am not as knowledgeable as many of the QB gurus in Ohio, including Central Ohio. But, I do not charge 100 dollars a session. What I liked about Isaiah – he listened, absorbed, and made the changes. Really impressed me with his focus.

The throwing motion does not concern me, as much as the feet and core. Sometimes during games, it is hard for a QB to throw the perfect pass technique wise. But, Isaiah’s throwing motion is actually pretty good. Needs tweaked, but is pretty good.

A quarterback’s biggest strength is his ability to lead. Number 1! Good person – but needs to be a leader. Everything else follows, including QB skills and accuracy. I see good character in Isaiah.

College coaches are starting to watch Isaiah’s progress. Summer camps will be important. Success in 7 on 7’s will be important. Getting in front of the right “decision makers” will be huge.

Recruiting for quarterbacks is hard. Most schools take just one. All QB coaches have certain qualities that they like in QB’s. A recruiter has to be able to project what a QB will be in two years. I think productivity is important, as well. Can they move the chains and make plays?

Isaiah Murphy has improved a lot over the last two years. Still has a little ways to go, but he should be fine. For him, he needs to do well against top teams. Needs success against top competition.

And, like I tell college recruits all of the time. “Only takes one coach to like you.”


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